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Visio training course

Visio is an application within the Microsoft Office suite. This software provides diagramming functionality and can be used for flowcharts and overviews. It can be used to create diagrams for a whole range of applications, such as:

  • Architectural plans and internal space layouts
  • Software architecture (UML, etc.) and database models
  • Electrical circuit diagrams and industrial or engineering drawings
  • GANTT and PERT charts
  • Creating simple and cross-functional flowcharts
  • TQM, IDEFO and Ishikawa (cause and effect) diagrams
  • And many others.

The Visio training we provide can be tailored to your organisation and delivered either in your workplace, as a webinar or in one of our own training rooms. You can also sign up to one of our many small group sessions.
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Visio Training Objectives

By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Create shapes, add connections and configure procedures linked to events.
  • Create diagrams, flowcharts, IT network diagrams, organisational charts, business process documents and floor plans.
  • Use Visio options


  • Visio basics:
    • Interface, using the mouse (right click)
    • Changing default settings
    • Working methods: Template – Stencil (shapes) – Page
    • Grid – Guides – Zoom – Snap & Glue
    • Shape properties
    • Connection points
    • Size – Position
    • Fill – Outline
    • Connector properties
    • Snap & Glue
    • Line appearance: weight, colours, arrows
    • Object text: double click
    • Text properties: Font, size, style
    • Paragraphs, Tabs, Text Blocks
  • Drawing tools:
    • Lines, curves, shapes using basic tools
    • Rectangles, Squares, Ovals, Circles
    • Drawing functions: Aligning and distributing shapes
    • Group/Ungroup – Front/Back – Rotate/Flip
    • Operations: Union, Combine, etc.
  • Creating a flowchart:
    • Method
    • Flowchart types – Connections
    • Importing/Exporting data
    • Inserting objects – Inserting Visio as an object (in Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
    • Working with graphics and text
  • Building your own tools
    • Creating Shape Masters, Stencils and Templates
    • Working with ShapeSheets
  • Document management:
    • Drawing Page – Multipage – Background Page – Layers
    • Go to Page – Links to pages or documents
  • Colour management
  • Tips and tricks


Understand the Windows environment and Word and Excel basics.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to use software to create diagrams and visual overviews.

Visio is an application for creating charts and diagrams and it’s part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. Visio can be used for a number of business purposes, to create:

  • flowcharts,
  • floor plans,
  • network diagrams,
  • infographics or even mind maps.

When used effectively, Visio can accelerate decision-making, optimise management at a service or organisational level and aid communication.

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Have you heard of Microsoft Visio?

Visio is actually quite an old application, initially released by Shapeware Corporation in 1992. It enjoyed a rapid rise to success. As its popularity increased, it went through a series of upgrades to meet ever-growing user requirements before finally being bought by Microsoft in the 2000s.

At this point, it became “Microsoft Visio 2000”, a Windows application used for creating flowcharts and diagrams to provide visual representations of systems, processes or services. Its popularity continued to grow thanks to additional features integrating it with Excel and PowerPoint, as well as the ability to connect diagrams directly to data sources and generate graphical representations of the data.

These days, Visio is used for statistics and to generate reports, as well as:

  • creating mockups
  • designing page layouts
  • creating templates and models
  • publishing work in PDF format or on websites

These many and varied uses make Visio a comprehensive, feature-rich application that can be used by sales teams, comms departments and project managers.


Microsoft Visio – charting your ideas

According to Microsoft, Visio has a clear purpose: “Organise complex ideas visually.”  To achieve this, the application provides users with over a hundred diagrams and templates, such as:

  • flowcharts to present hierarchical relationships within an organisation or a sequence of steps and decisions in a process
  • floor plans or architectural plans to show cross sections of any building or design concept
  • GANTT charts for planning and managing projects
  • mind maps or concept maps to pull ideas together for a project or from a brainstorming session, etc.
  • network diagrams to provide a visual representation of an IT system structure (hardware, nodes, data flows, etc.)
  • tables and charts to help visualise data and make it easier to understand

Apart from these features, Visio also has some built-in functional models, including:

  • HR and stock management systems
  • UML sequence diagrams and sales/purchasing process flows

Visio is an application for professional use and it’s more suitable for advanced users. Despite its simple and intuitive interface, it’s still essential to learn to use Visio if you want to get the most out of its features.

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What are the key features of Visio?

In addition to the wide selection of diagrams and templates, Visio also includes a range of features that make it a genuine productivity tool.

Automatic integration with Word and PowerPoint

Any Visio diagram can be automatically inserted into a Word document. In just a few clicks, you can create professional-quality reports, plans or user manuals.

You can share your Visio creations in PowerPoint slideshows in exactly the same way. Flowcharts, bar graphs and infographics can quickly provide visual representations of the information you’re presenting.

Links with different data sources

In the desktop version, Visio can be connected to data from:

  • Microsoft Excel worksheets
  • Sharepoint lists
  • Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Microsoft OLEDB or ODBC APIs
  • Microsoft Exchange Server directories and Azure Active Directory

Our Microsoft Visio training will teach you how to create all kinds of diagrams using data from these different sources, to be displayed from any device.

Collaborative working with Visio 365

Visio 365 and Visio Web App are part of the Office 365 suite, hosted in the Cloud and accessible from any web browser. This cloud-hosted version gives access to the software from any device and location and also allows several people to work together on the same diagram.

With our online or in-person Visio course, your teams will learn to view and edit their diagrams in a collaborative way using Teams. With the Web App version, they’ll also be able to export diagrams to Microsoft Flow, Word, PowerPoint or the Excel Visio Data Visualiser.


About Quality Training’s office tools training

Our Microsoft Visio training will teach you and your teams how to use the features of this Microsoft application to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Modular training to suit your objectives

Our courses are completely modular and customised. Our trainers are experts in IT, professional social networks and office application suites. Depending on your business needs, you could combine the Visio training with other Microsoft applications, such as PowerPoint, Excel or the whole Office 365 suite. We can also provide training in Microsoft Access or other tools that allow you to store and organise data and then display it in your Visio diagrams.

Remote or in person – the choice is yours!

Our teams can come to your workplace to train your staff in these different applications. They can also explain how the tools interface with each other if needed. You might prefer to opt for a Microsoft Visio course in our training rooms in Brussels. We have all the equipment needed to provide you with a seamless training experience. Quality Training also provides online Visio training. This isn’t just a series of videos, but genuine webinars and interactive virtual classes where you’ll receive the same quality of training as you would if you were attending in person.

For a quick and easy way to increase your skills in Microsoft Visio, or in any other applications you need to run your business effectively, please contact us!

quality training formations en22

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