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Mind Mapping and Mind Manager

Mind Mapping, or mental mapping, is a concept developed in the 1970s by Tony Buzan. It is a thinking tool that stimulates creativity by connecting and associating ideas. It begins with a main idea and radiates out in all directions through associations, creating a multitude of secondary ideas. It’s a continuous brainstorming process.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a representation of different information in the form of a mental map that synthesizes various ideas or concepts. Often highly visual, this map can include symbols, colors, and images. This practice is widely used in businesses as it enhances team productivity, whether for strategic planning, brainstorming, or creative workshops. All the tools and benefits of this practice are covered in the Mind Mapping training offered by Quality Training.


Learn Mind Mapping with Quality Training

Operating since 2008 with 40 multilingual trainers, Quality Training offers various courses to acquire new skills within your company, using diverse pedagogical methods. We offer a Mind Mapping training to stimulate creativity and improve memory through the graphical presentation of a Mind Map. This tool encourages continuous brainstorming within a team, resulting in a flood of ideas and creative concepts.


Training Objectives

Stimulate creativity through the graphical presentation of a mind map. Many companies invest in tools to find solutions. Mind Mapping is one such tool. The brain is a solution-finding machine, and it’s crucial to stimulate and strengthen it.

The objective of this Mind Map training is to understand the elements of a mental map for daily organization and thus foster collaborative thinking within a company. To achieve this, various points will be covered throughout the duration of this Mind Mapping workshop.

  • Firstly, we will together understand how a mental map works to better grasp the mental process that stimulates creativity.
  • We will learn how to comprehend all the elements that compose it and also how to create a good mental map, taking into account fundamental principles, while adding your own graphical style. We use tools for its creation, such as the software Xmind, which allows you to create or modify an existing digital map.
  • Finally, we will learn how a mental map can boost your productivity at work, through various practical workshops.

This Mind Mapping training will demonstrate why managing this tool is increasingly important in your professional environment and why this practice will continue to gain significance in the future.


Who is the Mind Mapping training intended for?

A Mind Mapping workshop is suitable for anyone looking to improve their organizational, expressive, and/or reflective abilities on a daily basis. This tool promotes the emergence of new ideas as well as the development of critical thinking. It can be adapted to various profiles:

  • Whether it’s business leaders, entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their creativity to pursue exciting new projects, or startups.

Indeed, the training offers several creative workshops, Mind Mapping training sessions that can be done individually or in groups, ideal for gaining new team skills. The ultimate goal of this method is to work together, move forward, and bring forth numerous concepts and ideas. Hence, this method is not limited to a single profile type.

On the contrary, everyone needs to work on their mind and stimulate it daily. This is what makes our training particularly relevant for all active individuals looking to become even more productive and creative.


Why choose Quality Training for your corporate training?

With over twenty years of experience, our organization, Quality Training, adapts to the needs and expectations of businesses to offer the most relevant training. These aim to foster personal growth and boost productivity and creativity within the company.

Whether you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, or an employee aiming to become even more efficient in your daily tasks, we offer top-notch training.

The various sessions are provided through different means, whether remotely, within the company, using e-learning, or employing digital modules, etc. We ensure that our training is dynamic, interactive, and provides opportunities to participate in practical workshops to put the acquired theory into practice during your session.

If you want to gain confidence, learn time management using an effective tool that boosts your creativity, opt for Mind Mapping training with Quality Training – our organization is QFor certified!


Useful information

Trust Quality Training and provide your employees with mastery of tools and methods to enhance productivity. If you want more information about our various corporate training programs, feel free to contact us.

Mail : marie@qualitytraining.be

Telephone : +32 (0) 2 331 46 66 OR +32 (0) 476 62 99 11

Adress : rue du Coq, 51 1180 Bruxelles


quality training formations en29

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