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Our Outlook trainings

Outlook is the ultimate tool for organising your time and managing your emails, tasks and calendar in the most efficient way.

About Quality Training’s Outlook course

The aim of Quality Training’s Outlook course is to improve your handling of high volumes of emails. Throughout this course, you’ll learn to organise your time efficiently by setting priorities.

The training will be largely based on practical exercises to help you:

  • Use Outlook to manage your time, priorities and projects more effectively
  • Improve your email management
  • Gain practical tips that work for you
  • Understand more of the many features provided in Outlook

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Understanding Outlook features

Learn to use the many features of Outlook. The main features available in Outlook are time management, mailbox, task management and calendar functions. These features work alongside each other so that you can organise your tasks and time effectively. You’ll also learn to use your mailbox efficiently by applying some of our trainers’ tips and techniques.

This super-practical Outlook training course will give you the chance to examine your own time management techniques and identify what you do well and what you could improve.

Training courses for all levels

Our training courses will assess the current state of play in your organisation and suggest areas for improvement in line with your needs and your business sector. You’ll also learn how to handle the unexpected.

The aim of the training course will be to learn how to use Outlook in the most streamlined way. This course is available either online or in person at your workplace. Our training courses are run in an atmosphere that is highly conducive to learning with an average of ten participants. We’ve decided to opt for small training groups as this means our trainers can be available to provide individual support to each participant.

From beginners to advanced users, we can provide training at different levels, using a whole range of different teaching methods. With our webinars and e-learning platform, we are diversifying our training materials to suit all business types and knowledge levels.

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Outlook email management training content

All of our Outlook training courses are based on practical exercises and cater for all levels from the basics to the creation of forms. Our Outlook experts will tailor the training to you either in your workplace or at one of our small-group sessions involving different companies that we run throughout the year.

  • Basic knowledge of time management
  • Good practice: Using specific subject lines, writing clear and concise messages, limiting cc recipients, limiting attachments, using the follow-up flag, etc.
  • Assigning priorities to emails as soon as they arrive in the inbox
  • Managing your inbox
    • DB method – Database
    • TAF method – Touch, Action, File
  • How to set up rules so that Outlook can do your work for you in certain situations
  • Quick actions to save time on recurring tasks
  • How to personalise Outlook for greater efficiency
  • How to reply quickly to certain emails
  • Saving time writing mails using templates and QuickParts
  • Choosing the right colour categories for a more organised inbox
  • Discover Outlook’s advanced options: These are often under-used but extremely valuable for maximising efficiency
  • Discover all the best tips and tricks (including the most useful keyboard shortcuts)

Outlook: the ultimate time management tool

In any business, time is money, and that affects the bottom line. Tasks such as telephone calls, email processing and other related activities are the main culprits for lost time. Poor organisation can have a major impact on staff productivity. Managing priorities can be one of the most complicated activities.

To prevent lost time and help your staff to gain an understanding of priorities, many businesses have chosen to use Outlook. Unfortunately, in some companies, Outlook isn’t used to its best advantage and can be a source of stress, resulting in additional time being wasted.

Outlook is a personal information manager created by Microsoft. Are you overwhelmed and lacking in organisation? Outlook is the tool you need. If you want to be more efficient, you can learn to manage your own and your staff’s time in a highly effective way. Featuring email, task and diary management, Outlook is a comprehensive solution to help you manage your work to suit your priorities.

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About Quality Training’s courses

Quality Training has been using its expertise to help businesses improve staff working practices and productivity since 2008. All of our training courses are QFor certified, to guarantee a high quality of teaching for participants.

ExcelWordOneNote and PowerPoint are some of the courses we offer from wide range of business training to help your company thrive with the help of various office applications. When used well, they can save your business time and money.

Quality Training works in partnership with sector-specific subsidy providers: Cefora, Alimento, Fopas, Co-Valent, etc.

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The Outlook training we offer in Belgium is available in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders.

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Upcoming courses

This course will soon be available on an inter-company basis, but we'd be delighted to organise it on your premises too, tailored to your company's needs!

Contact us via our website, by email or by telephone +32 476 62 99 11 if you would like more information.

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