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Our Word trainings

Word training tailored to your staff

Our Word training courses cover all the features of this essential tool. These include Word basics, page layout, managing large documents, mail merge, forms, revision and more. The Word training courses we offer can be run from your workplace or you can sign up for one of our many inter-company sessions.

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Discover 10 handy Word tips in this video!  

Quality Training’s Word course: Word training run by professionals

We’ve been assessing business needs since 2008 so we can bring you solid solutions using high-performance tools. Our organisation is approved by the Wallonia region and is QFor certified. Our team includes experts in office applications who are trained in teaching methods so they can share their knowledge effectively. Here at Quality Training, we make it easy for you to learn these IT applications. Our Word training is kept fully up to date with technology changes at Microsoft. Our instructors also take regular training courses in educational methods and software updates.

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High-quality Word training in a small-group setting

Our priorities are participant satisfaction and training quality. For quick and effective learning, we’ve chosen to train in small groups. This means we can ensure that there’s enough time to train your staff and be fully available to answer any queries they may have. We also provide personalised follow-up to each participant to ensure that they leave the course with significantly increased skills. Our guiding principles are as follows:

    • Support participants in a personalised way
    • Help them reach their training objectives
    • Provide a welcoming and proactive working environment

How Quality Training’s Word training works

First of all, we train staff in small working groups. This ensures that your staff will be training in the best possible conditions to be able to understand the course fully. We start by demonstrating the basic features of the software to your staff. Then, they’ll work on their own with our assistance. We prefer to work like this because it gives staff the chance to truly grasp how Word works and use it on their own. The trainer is there, by their side, throughout the learning process.

Why do a course in Word?

First of all, knowing how to use Word on a daily basis will help your teams improve the presentation of their written documents. They will gain credibility and increase the quality of their written work. Excel, PowerPoint and Word are used every day in the business world to manage data. However, these tools are evolving all the time, so it’s important to get regular training on the latest features available. Word is one of the most commonly used tools in the business world. Writing, creating tables and designs, and document page layout are some of the many different features offered by the software that have contributed to its huge success. This constantly evolving word processing application has been part of the Microsoft Office suite since 1983. The main features of this tool are:

    • Creating written documents
    • Creating tables
    • Page layout including images

The interface is visual and simple to use, so beginners can get to grips with the tool quickly and easily. This popular software application can also be used to create official documents that comply with agreed standards.

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What does the Word training include?

Quality Training’s Word training covers all features offered by the software. Here at Quality Training, we guarantee a comprehensive training package for this office application so participants can become Word experts!

Word training to get the most out of the software

Presenting your text dynamically with appropriate spacing is really important, to:

    • Encourage reading
    • Streamline reading
    • Aid comprehension
    • Ensure your ideas are communicated

A well-presented text is much more likely to be read and understood.

We can adapt to your needs

Our courses cover Word basics, page layouts, managing long documents, mail merges, creating forms, revisions and corrections. Word is used in both business and personal contexts. We can arrange our Word training sessions in your own workplace, in our training rooms or remotely based on your availability and preferences. However, if you’re looking for a truly customised training course, we prefer to come to your workplace or organise a Zoom or Teams meeting to assess the way you work and present some of the real-life scenarios where this software can be used.

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Word training for all – beginners and advanced users

From beginners to advanced users, our training can be customised to suit all levels. We’ll assess the difficulties you’re experiencing, your business sector and each participant’s role and adapt our teaching based on these criteria. Our trainers are seasoned educational experts and know how to put themselves in the employees’ shoes to help them significantly improve their skills. Our courses will help participants learn to:

    • Set out their text on the page
    • Highlight certain ideas
    • Optimise their text presentation
    • Create texts that people want to read
    • Save precious time using some simple techniques in Word

Why choose Quality Training for a Word course?

Whichever course you choose, regardless of business sector or level of knowledge, we offer fully comprehensive and personalised support. We will provide the teaching methods necessary to achieve your training objectives. We offer a number of options for running our training courses. You can choose where to train based on your own preferences. In your workplace or ours, we create a pleasant and comfortable learning environment for an effective training experience. You can also choose a virtual, remote training option. Struggling for time or budget to travel? This training is also available in an e-learning format. You’ll be provided with explanatory videos and practical guides to help you to fully master the Word application. When your teams are adept at using Word in their day-to-day work, they’ll be able to present their documents more effectively and share them with their colleagues in a single click. They will gain credibility and increase the quality of their written work. Your teams will save time handling their daily workload, which will make them increasingly productive. With this Word training, they’ll learn tips and techniques that they can apply when working on important projects to improve their efficiency.

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Quality Training’s Word course: train with professionals

Opening a Word document and typing some text is the first simple step to creating a document. After this, you’ll need to format your text, titles, images and so on. Our Word training has helped many professional people to quickly learn how to get to grips with page layout standards. Find an effective training solution for your teams. Our Word training will enable your teams to:

    • Be supported by professionals
    • Present their ideas in an appealing way
    • Be self-sufficient at work

Our Word training equips your team members with the skills to be self-sufficient as soon as the training is over. Our training is QFor certified and subsidised by Alimento, which guarantees the quality of our trainers.

Quality Training: office application training specialist

All of the training we offer here at Quality Training is QFor certified. The QFor certification has been around for 20 years and is a mark of quality and excellence in the training world. Quality Training works in partnership with sector-specific subsidy providers: Cefora, Alimento, Fopas, Co-Valent, etc. Our knowledge and expertise are the key to providing you with quality training courses. This is why you can trust our experts to support your teams in a highly professional way.

Useful information about our courses

Need any further information? Would you like to sign up for Quality Training’s Word course? Here are our contact details: Email : marie@qualitytraining.be Telephone+32 (0) 2 331 46 66 OU +32 (0) 476 62 99 11 Address: Rue du Coq, 51 – 1180 Brussels, BELGIUM Send us an email or call us today to arrange an appointment and discuss our Word training. We offer Word training in Brussels and all over Belgium. Would you like to sign up for several courses? Find out about our Excel and PowerPoint courses, plus many more. Suggestions for other courses To offer you the best business support, Quality Training provides other training courses. Each year, we reassess company requirements so we can offer you business training to help increase team productivity using technological advances in office applications. In this way, your teams can learn to use different applications:  

For these tools to be truly effective, you need to know how to use them correctly. Here at Quality Training, we guarantee individual support and quality training. Take on the challenge and become a Word expert with Quality Training!

quality training formations en13

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