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Our Time Management trainings

We cannot master time: no matter what we do, it continues to pass relentlessly. Sometimes, we feel like we lack time in our daily lives or haven’t accomplished enough.

  • How can we learn to manage unexpected events, interruptions, or emergencies?
  • How can we simplify time management through clear and effective methods?
  • Can we truly control time?

Our behaviors, habits, and conditioning all influence our personal time management. In this training, discover how to better organize your work time, whether from the office or home.


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Target Audience

Employees at all levels


  • Utilize keys for good time management
  • Manage your energy levels
  • Find a balance between professional and personal life.


Detailed Program

  • Planning and prioritizing tasks
    • Linking tasks to your objectives and their context
    • Prioritizing tasks: the Eisenhower Matrix and the Moscow method (Must have/Should have/Could have/Won’t but would like to have)


  • Tips for optimizing time and energy through managing time disruptors
    • Managing inputs from different communication channels
    • Relevance of meetings
    • Task management: the traditional to-do list


  • Managing energy levels and improving concentration and efficiency:
    • Timeboxing
    • The Pomodoro Technique
    • Your relationship with time: task organization tips to become more efficient


  • Your remote work time management
    • Eliminating or limiting distractions
    • Creating a clear hybrid work environment
    • Setting boundaries between work and personal life


3 hours

quality training formations en26

Upcoming courses

This course will soon be available on an inter-company basis, but we'd be delighted to organise it on your premises too, tailored to your company's needs!

Contact us via our website, by email or by telephone +32 476 62 99 11 if you would like more information.

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