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With several million users around the world, Zoom is an extremely popular video conferencing service. The platform makes it possible in particular to follow online conferences and to lead or participate in meetings. Following the 2020 pandemic and the rise of telework, learning to use Zoom has almost become essential in the professional world. The tool is ideal for communicating and organizing online meetings with remote employees, teams and collaborators. Its control also makes it possible to gain in efficiency.

This is why Quality Training offers Zoom training to exploit all the features of this flagship software.
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Organize an online meeting with Zoom

Zoom was developed to provide a remote conferencing service. Since then, the software has evolved greatly. It now has many features. Learning to use Zoom with Quality Training allows you to organize and follow online meetings in a fluid and interactive way.

Invite collaborators to meetings

With Zoom, you can organize one-on-one interviews as well as meetings with up to 1000 participants.

You can also invite employees or collaborators even if you are not the leader of the meeting. With Zoom Professional Training, you will learn to:

  • create and schedule meetings;
  • create and send invitations and schedule their reminders;
  • share an access link;
  • set up and manage a waiting room to accept only authorized participants;
  • lock the meeting to no longer accept participants;
  • share the essential elements of the meeting;
  • record the meeting and then share it with the group;

Schedule and record a meeting

Zoom lets you start meetings right away or schedule them for later. By following the Zoom training, you will learn how to plan your meetings or those of your collaborators. Thanks to its many integrations, you will also discover how to schedule a Zoom meeting directly from Outlook or with the Google Calendar extension for Chrome, Firefox and G Suite. You can also choose to record all or part of your meetings to offer them in replay.

Share your screen

During a meeting, you will often need to share your screen to present information, demonstrate or report a problem, etc. If you choose to follow a Zoom training, you will know how to simply perform this operation which can be delicate. You will also learn how to use two monitors, share your sound or easily switch to full screen mode.

Create Breakout Rooms and Breakout Groups

Breakout rooms allow you to create up to 50 subgroups of participants. The leader can choose to distribute them himself. This is a very useful option for organizing workshops or even team buildings online. Training in Zoom allows you to understand how to assign participants to a room, easily switch from one session to another and communicate with all subgroups at the same time.

Animate your videoconferences with Zoom

Once your videoconferences have been planned and organized, you will be able to make them much more lively and interactive thanks to the many possibilities offered by Zoom.

With the Zoom professional training offered by Quality Training, you will learn to:

  • program online surveys: with multiple choice or free answers, they will allow you to collect the opinions of participants or organize quizzes. You will be able to download poll statistics at the end of the meeting.
  • create Q&A sessions: to organize interactions, you will find out how to set up a Q&A tab to separate participants’ questions from other chat messages.
  • annotate the presentation slides live: following the feedback from your interlocutors, you can modify your PowerPoint live to take their comments into account. This is a very useful option during the project design or brainstorming phases.
  • activate a collaborative whiteboard (whiteboard) to collect and gather the ideas of your teams. You can download and share the notes at the end of the online meeting.

You will also learn how to improve the design of your meetings by applying filters, wallpapers or by appearing as an overlay on your slideshows.

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Follow a Zoom training with Quality Training

Zoom is therefore a particularly powerful and versatile software for hosting professional meetings and videoconferences. Quality Training trainers can come directly to your premises to teach your employees and collaborators how to make the most of all the potential of this tool.

We also regularly organize inter-company training sessions at our premises in Brussels.

Finally, if you cannot or do not wish to travel, it is possible to train in Zoom remotely thanks to our webinars and virtual classes.


Our Zoom trainings are available in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium.

quality training formations en14

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