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Our Gmail trainings

When Gmail is mentioned, one immediately thinks of Google’s famous email service. However, it’s far more than just an email exchange service. Gmail possesses numerous advanced features and integrations with various services. Many users thus don’t fully utilize all the capabilities of this Google solution.

This is why Quality Training offers Gmail training to turn you into an expert with this tool.
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Fully Harness Your Gmail Messaging

With nearly 1.5 billion active users, Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world, surpassing Hotmail or Yahoo by a wide margin. This popularity is owed to the quality and free nature of the email inbox. Google provides 15 GB of default storage for receiving and sending messages.

Gmail messaging also includes various practical organizational options such as:

  • Filters that can be set for specific email addresses, subjects, or content. They enable the sorting, classifying, and even automatic forwarding of incoming emails.
  • Labels for categorizing messages under one or multiple tags while keeping them in a single view.
  • Tabs that allow filtering out less relevant emails (e.g., social media notifications and promotional messages).

All these options facilitate better email management and organization. Learning Gmail through training helps you understand how to use them effectively for your tasks. Ultimately, email processing becomes significantly faster and more streamlined. Your inbox becomes free from non-essential messages, and you can easily organize your conversations.

The result: time savings and increased productivity!

Discover Gmail’s Key Features

The rising popularity of Gmail is also attributed to the many free features bundled with the email service. Here are the main ones.

Advanced Conversation Management Features

  • With Gmail, you have the ability to hide replies that don’t interest you. This feature is especially useful when you’re in lengthy discussion threads that clutter your inbox.
  • Conversely, if you receive an important message but can’t address it immediately, you can put it on hold. The email will then become invisible in your inbox and reappear on the date and time you choose.
  • Finally, by undergoing Gmail training, you’ll learn to leverage the full potential of advanced search. You can locate messages based on their subjects, senders, date ranges, or attachment sizes.

Security Options

  • If an email address or a message seems suspicious, you can mark it as an unwanted contact. All emails related to that address will then be redirected to your spam folder.
  • Through Quality Training’s Gmail training, you’ll also learn how to permanently block a spam sender.
  • You’ll also discover how to protect sensitive data with a password or by implementing a “self-destruct” system. Recipients won’t be able to print, download, or forward the message. You can revoke access to the document at any time.

Mail Composition Optimization Tools

  • Learning to use Gmail in advanced mode helps you write emails more quickly. Google’s service includes an auto-completion feature called “Smart Composer” that automatically suggests words to help you compose messages faster.
  • You can also exchange large attachments either directly within the email or through Google Drive integration.

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Small Group and Remote Gmail Training

Learning to use Gmail according to your needs can save you a considerable amount of time. At Quality Training, we offer tailored training for everyone’s needs.

You can attend small group Gmail training in our classrooms throughout Belgium. If you’re unable or prefer not to travel, you can opt for remote Gmail training, conducted from your workplace or home, through our virtual classes.

Lastly, to learn how to fully utilize Gmail’s features in your professional activities, we also provide in-house training directly at your premises.

Quality Training: Advantages of Our Training

Quality Training is QFor certified, ensuring the quality of our courses. We rely on a team of 40 expert trainers proficient in their fields and multilingual. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Gmail user, our instructors can address all your queries, provide guidance, and transform you into an email service expert.

The content of our Gmail training is fully customizable according to your demands. Similarly, the pedagogical method (in-person, remote, workshop, etc.) is tailored to your organization and availability, ensuring you can undergo Gmail training under the best conditions.

quality training formations en5

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