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The Mac world

If you’re looking for an in-depth understanding of how to use your iPad, iPhone, Mac or other applications such as Keynote, these Apple training courses will give you the key to open up the Mac world!
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With an unrivalled reputation for its IT hardware, the Mac OS operating system has so many features you need to get to grips with, as it’s fundamentally different from the Windows environment. Increasingly used in a business setting, it’s useful to understand these nuances and get used to the main hardware devices, the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Apple is a global brand that has been disrupting the digital world since the 1970s and has continued to reinvent itself ever since.

Would you like to discover the tech that has made this brand so iconic? Choose our Mac training course!

Learn Mac OS with Quality Training

With new product launch events happening every year, the Apple brand and its products are ever present in our daily lives. However, these products are very different from other brands on the market, which is also one of the reasons for their huge success. This is why you’ll need a little time to get used to them. Join us at Quality Training where we’ll introduce you to the Apple range of products – the MacBook, iPhone and iPad – and give you the skills you need to get the best out of them. You’ll be confident using them in your daily life at work or at home.
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Apple Mac course objectives

Our comprehensive Mac training programme will help you achieve a number of goals, such as:

  • seamlessly navigating the interface of various Apple devices
  • managing the main extensions
  • understanding system preferences

Throughout this Apple training course we’ll run through the history of Apple products and the Mac OS over past decades and learn about the key settings and applications you need to master, particularly in the area of task management. You’ll have everything you need to be effective in your working life. Each part of the training course includes a Mac workshop and a practical exercise to help you acquire the technical skills needed to get the most out of these products.

Your trainer will then take some time to summarise how to integrate these devices into your network – covering configuration, file sharing and remote working – and resolve the most common problems so you can use Apple products independently in your daily life.

Who is the target audience for Quality Training’s Mac course?

Quality Training has been supporting businesses with its expertise in office applications since 2008, to help you become more autonomous and efficient in the business world. 40 multilingual trainers are here to support you, using a variety of teaching methods in sessions that will help you achieve your ambitions. Available in person or online, our Mac training is designed to help you whatever your role. These days, it’s essential to understand all the features of this operating system, which is increasingly being used in the business context.

You might be a business leader, an employee or a fledgling entrepreneur, but a good understanding of how to use Apple products will help you use them seamlessly and intuitively in your daily life. After this session, you’ll be able to navigate your way around the different parts of the Apple interface,

  • using the main applications
  • understanding how to set up network services and connections
  • gaining an understanding of the most frequent problems that can occur

Our training course is highly interactive, so you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have about getting the best out of these tools.
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Quality Training supports your business with office application training

With over twenty years of experience in business training, providing courses covering the most suitable IT solutions for your business sector, Quality Training is here to support the daily functioning of your business. Our organisation is QFor certified and we offer the perfect training course to match your needs and circumstances. Whether you choose an online course, webinar, e-learning course or a session provided directly on your company premises, we’re here to support you in acquiring new skills so you can increase your productivity to new heights in your working life. Based on your current level and requirements, we’ll create a custom training package together to help you meet your goals.

Would you like to discover the Apple and Mac OS world and learn to use all the tools? Put your trust in Quality Training and choose our Mac training course!

quality training formations en16

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