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Our Adobe InDesign trainings

The InDesign tool is a software developed by the Adobe suite and its objective is to produce documents in paper prints or in digital format. It is intended to design a more creative layout and therefore much more difficult to exploit than most other software.

For this reason, it is recommended to use an organization such as ours that offers training with Indesign workshops. At the end of the InDesign training, mastering the InDesign software will have no more secrets for you!

You will have perfectly assimilated the principle and you will know how to incorporate images as well as text and compose the structure of a layout for all your documents, for private or professional use. Do not hesitate to find out more about the InDesign training offered by Quality Training.

Why use InDesign?

With its legendary range of desktop publishing software, more commonly known as DTP, Adobe InDesign software is a revolutionary tool. Complex, Adobe InDesign is a software that you will learn to master by following our InDesign training which will allow you to use InDesign effectively.

Adobe InDesign is suitable for anyone who wants a complete and professional software to structure a document. This tool offers an incomparable rendering provided you know how to use it. It is interesting to use InDesign for designing documents in business. The quality of your work done in InDesign contributes to conveying more credibility and a better brand image.

If you want to use InDesign to design your documents alone without the help of an expert, this software is the right solution. Using InDesign will help you to do the layout yourself for your professional brochures or for all your private documents. In just a few steps, you will be able to design:

  • books,


  • Paperbacks,


  • newspaper pages,


  • leaflets,


  • visit cards,


  • etc.

By taking our InDesign courses, you will have the opportunity to be very creative.

All features on InDesign

Formerly PageMaker, software developed in 1985, it was only in 1999 that it took the name of Adobe InDesign. In terms of functionality, Adobe InDesign provides various tools.

The InDesign workshops offered by our training center will help you better understand them and use them for all your documents. Learning the tools panel available on InDesign courses is one of the advantages of taking InDesign training.

  • Drawing tools: you can execute any object, whether it is complex or simple to produce. Rectangles, polygons, ellipses or what are called free shapes. It is ideal for sketching work or hand-drawn drawings;


  • Text tools: you can also format custom lines or in standard mode as well as blocks. You will be able to modify or enter text within the blocks. This tool will help you resize or move these blocks;


  • Scissors tool: if, for example, you want to make a separation, you can cut a path or other shape depending on the work to be done. You can cut a block or open the desired path. You only have to click on the line of the shape;


  • Selection tools: you have two types of tools available. One is called the “direct selection tool” and the second, which is widely used in InDesign, the “black arrow selection tool”. You can select lines, points or objects;


  • Navigation tools: you can move through the documents. So you can measure distances and control the various displays. This will help you fine-tune the aesthetics of your layout;


  • Transformation tools: You can orient, modify and transform the objects of your choice. In free mode, you have the possibility to rotate, shear, move and scale the objects concerned.

Discover the InDesign training offered by Quality Training

Based on practice, our InDesign training allows anyone wishing to master and use InDesign to follow instructions easily with experienced trainers in this field. You will thus be able to acquire the principles that make up all the functionalities in terms of electronic publication of the InDesign tool.

With InDesign training, you will be able to produce very high quality presentations and layouts.

During the InDesign training, we will teach you to master the fundamentals. You will have the prospect of making business cards, commercial brochures, posters, catalogs and many other marketing documents.

In a few clicks, start your training! Thanks to InDesign training, here is what you will be able to assimilate:

  • Detailed handling of the tools and the administration interface


  • How to work on a text and its formatting


  • How to set print and export settings


  • Work on the different document layout methods


  • How to design and produce all types of documents

Useful information

Trust Quality Training, and offer your employees the mastery of tools from the Adobe suite that will allow them to be organized and efficient. If you would like more information about our various in-company training courses, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email : marie@qualitytraining.be

Telefoon : +32 (0) 2 331 46 66 OU +32 (0) 476 62 99 11

Adres : rue du Coq, 51 1180 Bruxelles

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