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Our InDesign for beginners trainings

The interest of training employees in the use of Adobe InDesign for a company?

Allowing you to develop the communication of a small structure or a large group using its many features, InDesign remains the perfect tool for creating neat layouts. The training, aimed at understanding the software as a beginner, includes many advantages for the employees of a company:

  • The creation of many media: books, brochures, product catalogs, magazines, etc. can be produced with the software.
  • Increase productivity when creating or modifying documents thanks to the many features of the software (template, direct mail, etc.)

The design of communication media, which will be both comprehensive and very ambitious. This is thanks to the many features to be found on the Adobe InDesign interface.

Face-to-face / Remote?

Face-to-face and remote






Good knowledge of the Mac or PC interface.


Target audience

Anyone responsible for creating professional print layouts.



At the end of the training, participants will be able to produce a simple multi-page document.


Detailed program

  • Interface
    • Tools and menus
    • Windows (panels)
    • Workspaces


  • New Document
    • Print / Web
    • Document size
    • Margins
    • Columns
    • Lost edge and block line
    • Predefined recordings


  • Text blocks
    • Create a text block
    • Placeholder text
    • Hidden characters
    • Text Selections
    • Move / Transform / Rotate a block of text
    • Rounded corners
    • Link text blocks
    • Screen modes


  • The page panel
    • Create new pages
    • Move with the panel
    • Delete pages
    • Move pages
    • Select multiple pages
    • Use and create a template


  • Import a Word document
    • Import options


  • Change document settings
    • Document size
    • Margins and columns
    • Text formatting
    • Character formatting
    • Paragraph formatting


  • Unassigned blocks
    • Rectangles / Ellipse / Polygon
    • Control panel information
    • The color panel
    • Eyedropper tool
    • Keyboard shortcuts and blocks
    • Multiple duplication
    • Text block options


  • Alignments
    • Commented landmarks
    • Landmarks / Create landmarks
    • The baseline grid
    • Magnetism
    • Selection alignments
    • Spacing distributions
    • Lock objects


  • Colors
    • Rich black, lean black, registration color, black
    • The color panel
    • Global colors vs single colors
    • Spot colors
    • The gradient panel
    • Import a color chart


  • Images
    • Picture block
    • Import images
    • The links panel
    • Text wrapping


  • The pencils and the line tool
    • The pencil
    • Rounded tool
    • The eraser
    • Line tool


  • The curvilinear tool
    • Write on a path
    • Write around a shape


  • Layers
    • Organization
    • Layer panel
    • Show/Lock layers
    • Associate / Unassociate


  • Print Parameter Settings
    • Settings for creating a PDF


3 days


The points covered in detail during the InDesign beginner training

Indispensable software in the Adobe Suite, InDesign allows its users to design high-quality documents. In order to understand all the ins and outs of the interface, the training program offered by our organization will allow you to understand the many tools and features of the softwareformation indesign debutant

Discovery of the graphical interface

Like all training in previously unknown software, it will be important to become familiar with its environment and particularly with its interface, designed by Adobe Systems. The first part of the module offered by Quality Training will therefore aim to introduce you to the menu offered by the Adobe Suite. You will therefore discover the different panels, allowing you to activate the most important actions of the software, as well as the workspace on which you will evolve during the design of your documents and your various layouts.

Creating a new document

Another important notion of your InDesign software initiation training will be to know how to carry out the design of a new document on the interface. To do this, you will have the choice between different sizes for your document – ​​A4, A5, business card, letter, etc. – thanks to a particularly fast keyboard shortcut. Of course, as you will have the opportunity to see during your training, all the parameters will be adjustable, whether it is the orientation of your page, the margins, the units of measurement or even the marks as well as the lost edges.

Using Text Blocks

It is well known that as a leader in professional layout, Adobe InDesign includes many features in order to make your job easier. Thus, the software will help you, thanks to its main commands, to create blocks in order to insert your textual content. Available via your main menu, the indispensable Texts, Blocks and Shapes tools can considerably help you to achieve the design of your layout. The block will tell you the area in which the content will be displayed, so that you can format it in the most aesthetic way possible, and thus obtain the most high-end layout possible. bloc de texte indesign

Gestion des différents outils

De plus, l’interface dispose de nombreux outils, tous très différents les uns des autres, qui permettent à l’utilisateur de concevoir des mises en pages très audacieuses. On peut parler de l’outil dessin permettant de réaliser des objets, que ce soit des dessins d’esquisses ou des formes plus simples, comme des rectangles, des polygones ou des ellipses. Vous allez également pouvoir découvrir l’outil ciseaux, si vous souhaitez procéder à une séparation de bloc. Quant à l’outil navigation, celui-ci va vous permettre de vous déplacer facilement à travers tout le document.

Management of different tools

In addition, the interface has many tools, all very different from each other, which allow the user to design very daring layouts. We can talk about the drawing tool that allows you to make objects, whether sketches or simpler shapes, such as rectangles, polygons or ellipses. You will also be able to discover the scissors tool, if you wish to proceed with a block separation. As for the navigation tool, this will allow you to move easily through the entire document.

Using Templates

Among the many shaping possibilities, Quality Training‘s training will place great emphasis on what is called template design. Expression well known by seasoned users of the software, this action will allow you to preserve the same template on different pages. A process that can be particularly relevant for a catalog or a brochure, in order to preserve the entire graphic charter of a brand or a company. Setting up templates remains a particularly simple and intuitive action, which all users will be able to perform. And above all, this manipulation will save you precious time.

Finalize and print an InDesign document

Finally, one of the last fundamentals of this Adobe InDesign learning module will be the finalization of your document. Indeed, once the production of your communication support is finished, you will be able to export your work in a different format. Thus, we can only recommend that you switch your document to PDF format, an essential file type, especially when it comes to printing. Within this module, a focus will also be made to learn how to make the final adjustments for the final printing of your finalized document. A way to have all the keys in hand to be perfectly comfortable on the interface.

Logo Indesign - Formation bureautique

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