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Our training InDesign advanced

Discover the advanced features of InDesign!


Face-to-face / Remote?

Face-to-face and remote






Participants must have followed module 1 of InDesign or have a good knowledge of the content of this module including: basic notions (interface and tools), management of text blocks and images, application of colors, management of character attributes and of paragraph, management of skins and clippings.


Target audience

This training is intended for anyone responsible for creating professional print layouts.



At the end of the training, participants will be able to produce a complex multi-page document.


Detailed program

  • Summary (if necessary)
    • Pages panel
    • Text formatting
    • Text and image block


  • Text formatting
    • Underline options
    • Paragraph rules
    • Bulleted list
    • List by number
  • Save formatting

    • Paragraph styles
    • Paragraph style options
    • Character styles
    • Nested styles
    • Import styles from a Word document

  • Footnotes

    • Create a footnote
    • Format footnotes
  • Table of contents

    • Create a table of contents
    • Formatting with styles
  • The sections

    • Add a section to a document
    • Numbering


  • Templates

    • Create and use a template
    • Unlink objects from a template
    • Automatic numbering
    • Templates and layers
    • Create multiple templates
    • Apply templates to pages
  • Organization of board

    • More than two pages per board
    • Change the size of a page
  • Vector manipulation

    • Direct Selection Tool
    • Pen tool
  • Feather

    • The pen and the right vectors
    • Anchor point conversion tool
    • The pen and the curved vectors
  • Transformations / repeat transformation

    • The free transformation tool
    • The rotation tool
    • The scaling tool
  • Pathfinders

    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Junction
    • Exclude
  • The effets

    • Object styles
  • Creation of simple tables

    • Formatting (text and cells), table headers and footers, cell merging and splitting
  • Archiving

    • Preflight check
    • Assembly
  • Preparation for printing

  • Print Parameter Settings

  • Settings for creating a PDF



2 days

Logo Indesign - Formation bureautique

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