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Ordinateur Adobe Captivate

Our Adobe Captivate for beginners trainings

Born in the early 2000s, Adobe Captivate software allows you to create numerous interactive presentations that can be used for e-learning content. With a comprehensive interface derived from the Adobe suite, this software offers multiple features to incorporate various multimedia tools into your presentations. To master this feature-rich software, consider enrolling in an Adobe Captivate training with Quality Training!


What is Adobe Captivate Used For?

Adobe Captivate is a creation software available on both Windows and Mac OS environments. It enables users to produce online learning content such as software simulations, specific format questionnaires, or even e-learning modules for professional training. It’s a highly capable technical software that helps you bring your ideas to life. You can create virtual reality training as well as highly interactive videos that facilitate genuine interaction with your target audience. The interface also supports a robust mobile experience, allowing you to build modules with responsive design for an optimized user experience. As Adobe Captivate’s interface is quite technical, having prior knowledge of the Adobe suite, particularly software like Photoshop or Illustrator, can be beneficial. Ordinateur Adobe Captivate

Beginner Adobe Captivate Training

In-Person / Remote?

In-person and remote






Computer literacy


Target Audience

Anyone looking to develop e-learning training content



The goal of this training is to work practically and create a complete and valid e-learning module, immersing the learner in the software’s logic and usage. Placing the module on our server will validate your pedagogical journey.


Detailed Program

  • Familiarizing yourself with the Adobe Captivate 2019 interface
  • Creating slides
  • Incorporating standard objects
  • Incorporating multimedia objects
  • Working with the timeline
  • Managing subtitles and text-to-speech
  • Incorporating interactive objects
  • Styles, templates, themes, and layouts
  • Creating a demo video or importing an existing video
  • Creating Multiple States Objects (MSO)
  • Creating a quiz
  • Interacting with Adobe Audition for sound correction
  • Advanced variables and actions
  • Configuring output: SCORM files, video export, YouTube, etc.



1 day


Topics Covered During the Training

Over the course of a day, the Adobe Captivate training will provide you with a first-hand experience of the interface and cover various offered functionalities. The trainers from Quality Training will delve into several aspects to create interactive projects that offer a rich experience to users.

Getting Acquainted with the Interface and Creating Slides

When encountering a new software, the first step is, of course, to familiarize yourself with its overall interface. Adobe Captivate’s interface is particularly comprehensive, allowing us to explore the many possibilities offered by its menu and various workspace panels. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to design intuitive and comprehensive e-learnings thanks to the ability to add ready-to-use slides. From the Resources panel, you can choose from a wide variety of slides that can be customized to your liking.

Incorporating Objects

On your slides, you can add various objects – whether standard or multimedia – to make your presentation as interactive as possible. You can also integrate subtitles and text-to-speech into your editing to make your e-learning accessible to a wider audience. Later, you can record your own videos and even embed them on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. We will provide you with all the tools to successfully create comprehensive and coherent presentations in a fully responsive design format.

Creating a Project from a Template

To personalize your presentation project effectively, you can choose from a wide selection of templates that offer well-crafted backgrounds, typography, rich layouts, or even what’s known as Fluid Boxes. These enable easy generation of responsive content for different devices. Naturally, themes can be easily customized to meet all your expectations. For instance, you can change fonts with a single click, altering the typography for the entire presentation and not just the slide you’re on. Modèle Adobe Captivate

A Virtual Reality Experience

Aside from the numerous possibilities you’ll explore during your training day, such as creating interactive quizzes, managing various settings, and learning to incorporate SVG objects, the software can provide a great VR experience. With Adobe Captivate, you can import 360° multimedia resources while adding numerous interactive elements that directly engage your target audience, creating a genuine immersive experience. This functionality can be particularly interesting for training related to first aid situations or crisis management. The viewer becomes directly involved. You can also add text, images, play audio or video files, or even navigate by clicking on a chosen area.


Become an Adobe Captivate Expert with Quality Training

Established in 2008, our organization Quality Training offers multiple qualifying training programs for companies. Whether you’re a company executive or an employee, you have the opportunity to join us and enhance your skills in various interfaces. If you want to create coherent, professional presentations with numerous interactive tools for your role, Adobe Captivate is the ideal solution. This software from the Adobe product range offers various tools to create sophisticated videos and presentations, focusing on responsive design and impressive virtual reality. The goal of our Adobe Captivate training? To help you create interactive projects that capture your audience’s attention and encourage engagement and discussion. With numerous multimedia tools, we’ll enable you to successfully execute various presentation projects. Choose an Adobe Captivate training and join our organization for hands-on training, whether remote or in-person!

Ordinateur Adobe Captivate

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