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Our Facebook trainings

You will learn how to create and manage your Facebook pages professionally, publish compelling and convincing visuals that lead to action.

A hands-on immersion to acquire the skills and essential tricks for developing your own online community.

Facebook is arguably the most popular social network. It’s also the most underestimated on a professional level. Yet, while Facebook is an essential site for exchanging with friends and family, it’s also a powerful tool for professional networking. With over 900 million users, it’s even an ideal platform for both B2C and B2B marketing. However, understanding its functioning is necessary before using Facebook for your business. Quality Training offers a Facebook training to assist you in developing a professional image and a strong presence on this platform.


Discover how to manage your Facebook pages professionally

While Facebook is quite intuitive for exchanging messages and photos with close ones, its professional use is more complex to grasp. With Quality Training’s Facebook training, you will professionally manage your pages by mastering all the features of this social network.

Create a professional “About” section

If internet users are interested in your business, there’s a high chance they’ll go directly to the “About” section. To create a professional Facebook page, it’s crucial for this part to contain all the necessary information about your company and your services. By learning about Facebook, you’ll know how to fill out this category effectively to make it both informative and attractive.

Learn to use the statistics of your Facebook page

The statistical part gives you the opportunity to understand the behavior of users on your page. You can identify the content that interests them, better target your audience, and adapt your communication strategy. Learning how to use Facebook with Quality Training allows you to analyze:

  • Actions on the page (clicks on contact information and call-to-action).
  • Number of views and previews (of your page and your posts).
  • Evolution of “Likes” and their origin (advertisement or organic traffic).
  • Popularity of your stories.
  • User interaction with your posts (shares, comments, etc.).
  • Evolution of the number of followers and recommendations.

Define a custom URL

The URL or address of your professional page is a setting that might seem minor. However, it’s crucial for your image. It helps your clients and collaborators identify and find your company or brand more quickly. Learning about Facebook allows you to learn how to define a URL that includes the name of your page, instead of a random string of characters. This custom URL will also serve as your Facebook email address.


Create an attractive and appealing Facebook page with Quality Training

Once you’ve learned to use Facebook to manage your professional page, Quality Training’s program will help you configure it properly and create relevant posts. Using Facebook for your business will enable you to develop a strong reputation and an appealing image for internet users.

Choose relevant categories and names for your page

The name of your page must be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. It should be representative, distinctive, and optimized for natural referencing. Similarly, selecting the category that corresponds to your company or services is essential. This allows potential users (prospects and collaborators) who are already interested in your services to find you more quickly. It’s also a mark of credibility and expertise in the eyes of internet users.

Configure your professional Facebook page

When you choose to use Facebook for your business, it’s important for online reputation management to carefully configure your page. This allows you to control:

  • Who can see the page and view the posts.
  • Who is authorized to make changes (with or without prior moderation).
  • Who can make suggestions, leave reviews, or comment on posts.

Regularly publish optimized content

Regularly posting rich and high-quality content helps you develop an expert image in your field, gain visibility, and attract new prospects. Beyond the editorial strategy, learning about Facebook with Quality Training teaches you how to:

  • Schedule post publication to keep your page regularly updated and receive subscriber suggestions.
  • Set up autoresponders to always be responsive to user requests.
  • Identify interesting groups and profiles to share your posts and expand your network.

Train yourself on Facebook with Quality Training

Creating a professional Facebook page is an asset for developing your online presence, network, and attracting new prospects. To start exploring all the potential of this social network right now, learn how to use Facebook for your business with Quality Training.

You can train yourself:

  • Remotely with our interactive webinars and virtual classes.
  • In small or large group sessions in our classrooms in Belgium.
  • Directly in your company with our qualified trainers who will come to your premises.

Useful information

Quality Training’s Facebook training is customizable and adaptable to exactly meet your needs. Need more information? Here are our contact details:

Mail : marie@qualitytraining.be

Telephone: +32 (0) 2 331 46 66 OR +32 (0) 476 62 99 11

Adress : rue du Coq, 51 1180 Bruxelles

Nous proposons notre formation Facebook à Bruxelles et partout ailleurs en Belgique.

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