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Google products in our training

The Google training we provide can be delivered as a tailor-made course in your workplace, as a webinar or in one of our own training rooms. You can also sign up to one of our many small group sessions.

Improve your team’s productivity

Google isn’t just a search engine. The internet giant also provides many useful tools for professionals and businesses. Our Google Suite training will help you make the most of Google apps features:

  • sharing
  • working together on documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Google Docs
  • storing and exchanging data in the cloud with Google Drive

These tools make remote, collaborative teamwork so much easier. Check out our Google training and improve your team productivity now!

Learn Google tools with Quality Training

Quality Training’s course in Google Suite (also known as G Suite or Google Workspace) will help you get to grips with the Google services that are relevant to your needs.

Increase your efficiency with Google Docs Editor

Google Docs Editor or Google Docs is an office application for creating and editing content online. The files can be updated simultaneously by multiple users thanks to its real-time collaboration features.

Our Google Docs course includes the following workshops:

  • Google Docs: an online word processor, similar to Word
  • Google Sheets: a spreadsheet application
  • Google Slides: for creating presentations
  • Google Forms: for creating online surveys

Store and share your files securely on Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution. Files are saved online and available from any device, anywhere. By carefully defining access permissions and encryption options, you can ensure your stored data will remain confidential and secure. Using Google Drive means you can share documents with colleagues by assigning them roles such as editor, viewer or commenter.

Quality Training’s Google Drive workshop also covers some more advanced concepts, such as managing modifications and extensions for fast and efficient working.

Communicating efficiently with Gmail and Google Meet

Gmail is a well known email service. It includes many useful features, some of which are largely unknown. With Quality Training’s Google training course, you’ll become an advanced Gmail user. Depending on your needs, you can take part in Google workshops on:

  • managing notifications
  • organising display panes
  • undo options for sending emails
  • sending encrypted messages with confidential mode
  • advanced email search

Google Meet is an online video-conferencing tool for businesses. You can arrange meetings simply and securely.

With Quality Training, you’ll also learn to use Google Meet for:

  • planning team brainstorming sessions using an electronic whiteboard
  • making your presentations more interactive using surveys and real-time Q&A systems
  • improving video quality and using custom backgrounds
  • starting or joining meetings directly from Gmail

A tailor-made Google course with Quality Training

Quality Training’s Google training courses are modular to suit your precise needs. We also take your business constraints into account so that we can offer you the most efficient training method. This is why we offer a number of options, including:

  • online Google training in the form of an interactive webinar or virtual classroom
  • Google workshops in your workplace to train your teams
  • inter-company Google training courses held in our Brussels training rooms

Using Google in your daily business life

Using Google solutions in your business helps your staff carry out their day-to-day work more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Quality Training’s Google courses, using collaborative applications and productivity tools will become second nature to your teams. They’ll save loads of time, which means they can focus on their core competencies.

  • Organise your tasks: by understanding and using the Google Workspace, you can save almost 171 working hours per user per year. Quality Training’s Google courses help you to maximise productivity by adapting the tools to suit your organisation.


  • Communicate remotely: do you have colleagues in different towns or countries or who work remotely? Our Google training courses focus on sharing documents and files, advanced email options and collaborative calendar management.


  • Plan brainstorming sessions: are you working on complex projects that require multiple skills and in-depth design phases? By running a Google workshop on brainstorming tools and real-time file sharing and editing, you can accelerate these discussion and planning stages.


  • Create impactful presentations: would you like to optimise the way you communicate with partners and clients? Our online Google training will help you to quickly create professional presentations and spreadsheets that you can share and distribute efficiently.


  • Store your files: do you need a reliable and confidential way to store your data? Our qualified trainers will explain how to secure your Google Drive, define access rights and manage permissions.


Whatever the size of your company, the sector it operates in or the knowledge level of your users, Quality Training’s Google training will help your teams to work together in a professional way and get tasks done quickly and securely.

Useful information

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