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Our Adobe Lightroom trainings

Adobe Lightroom (also called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) is an image organization and manipulation software developed by Adobe Inc. It is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, a set of solutions available online and for download. As an image and photo editor, Adobe Lightroom includes a subset of Photoshop functionality as well as numerous image manipulation and management tools.

This complete software is perfectly suited to professional photographers, but also to communication and marketing activities, or even graphic designers and other creative professions.

Want to learn more about this tool? Quality Training supports you with Adobe Lightroom training!


Lightroom: the all-in-one photo solution

Adobe LightRoom Classic was launched in 2007 by Adobe Inc. The software initially came to meet the needs of professional photographers who were looking for a tool for editing and organizing their photographs that was less complex than Photoshop.

A simple and effective tool to use

Indeed, most photographers need to be able to change exposure and color management settings more than to do extensive retouching. The many tools and options in Photoshop made these operations complicated and time-consuming. Adobe Lightroom and its user-friendly interface then made it possible to streamline and optimize the editing process.

Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, Lightroom has become very popular, even outside of photography activities. In 2017, the software initially available only on desktop computers had to be extended to meet the expectations of its users. Lightroom Mobile, designed specifically for mobile operating systems, and Lightroom CC, available via the cloud, were born.

Lightroom Classic CC: the new version

Today, the existing version of Lightroom has been renamed Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile has been integrated into Lightroom CC. Although similar in most functionality, Lightroom variants have significant differences in image storage. There’s also a huge offering of templates and presets for Lightroom that allow one-click to apply stylized looks to images. In just a few years, LightRoom has become an essential all-in-one photo solution.


Adobe Lightroom training: what objectives?

Even if Adobe Lightroom is less complex and more intuitive than Photoshop, learning to use it from experts allows you to master it much faster and above all to exploit all its possibilities.

Discover the main features of the software

The Lightroom photo editing course teaches you how to apply filters, correct exposure, and adjust color and brightness in your images, but it also goes further by showing you how to:

  • make optimal modifications without altering the digital originals;
  • correct the geometry of the images;
  • manage histogram adjustments, tone curves, etc. ;
  • create HDR images and panoramas;
  • remove imperfections and retouch small elements (teeth whitening, red eyes, etc.).


Master the functionalities of organizing and storing data

Lightroom photo training also allows you to understand all the organization and storage possibilities of the software. She teaches you how to:

  • efficiently classify your images;
  • understand the notion of Lightroom catalog;
  • create and manage collections (and dynamic collections);
  • use metadata to easily find your photos;
  • manage imports and selection tools (index, enrich, classify) ;
  • configure exports (in different formats or to other applications).

Training adapted to your objectives

Finally, additional paths allow you to use Adobe Lightroom exactly as you need it. For example, the Lightroom mobile training shows you, among other things, how to use editing apps on your phone with presets and adjustment sliders.

All these training courses are modular and customizable, because beyond learning to use the software, the objective of Quality Training is to reduce your learning curve by focusing on the options and tools that you really need. in your activity.

The main features of Lightroom

Lightroom is a complete software with multiple options and settings. Nevertheless, some features and modules are essential, whatever your activity.

The development module

Lightroom’s Develop module includes the panels and toolbar for viewing and editing photographs. It is therefore the most used module of the software.

With Lightroom Classic, CC or mobile training, you will know how to quickly get started with the interface to:

  • measure the tone of the colors and adjust the tone of the photo (“histogram” panel);
  • retouch red-eye, remove flaws, crop and straighten photos (toolbar);
  • adjust the white balance and saturation (“basic settings” panel);
  • color monochrome images or create special effects (“color grading” panel);
  • optimize sharpness and reduce noise (“detail” panel);
  • correct distortions (“ transformation ” panel) ;
  • correct chromatic aberration and vignetting (“lens correction” panel);
  • apply or remove a grain effect and adjust the amount of blur on a photo (“effects” panel).

A powerful RAW file editor

The RAW format represents the highest image quality on most DSLR cameras. Thanks to Lightroom’s powerful RAW file editor, you can correct exposure and white balance without any loss of quality.

With the lightroom photo editing training, you will also be able to make adjustments such as:

  • conversion to black and white,
  • adding custom color shades,
  • or adjustment of contrast and brightness with little loss of quality.

HDR photo merging

HDR Photo Merge is available in Lightroom CC version. This feature allows you, as the name suggests, to merge multiple high dynamic range images. Lightroom CC tutorials show you how to save these compositions as RAW or live files.

With online or face-to-face Lightroom training, you will also learn how to choose between the different HDR blending options (auto-alignment, auto-tone or level of offset correction).

Lots of presets

Adobe Lightroom has hundreds of free and paid presets (also called presets). These presets reduce the pain and length of the post-production process by applying predetermined corrections, adjustments and adjustments automatically.

Presets are usually categorized by the type of image and effects you want. For example, “Silver Lining” automatically converts your images into black and white photos with a monochrome rendering. The “ LightGramm ” preset pack allows it to sublimate portrait type photos thanks to a matte finish and a predefined color accentuation.

With Quality Training’s lightroom training, you will also be able to create your own presets that you can then apply to all your images with one click.

Advanced web galleries

With the Lightroom mobile or Lightroom CC version, you can create a shareable web gallery of your photos. Internet users will then be able to comment on them and their remarks will automatically appear on all your equipment. You can even reply to them directly from Lightroom.

With the Lightroom mobile training you will also learn how to modify the photos in your web galleries from any device, even if it is not equipped with Lightroom.


Adobe training offered by Quality Training

Quality Training’s Lightroom training courses are varied and flexible to match all activities. You can choose a Lightroom Classic training, a Lightroom Mobile training or combine the 2 to discover only the features you need.

Quality Training brings together 40 expert trainers in office suites, IT and all software for professionals and companies. Depending on your objectives, you can therefore merge several of our many courses and courses.

Our teaching methods are as customizable as our training! You can opt for intra-company training, our teams will then come to your premises to teach you how to use Lightroom on your own equipment. If you prefer, we also provide fully equipped classrooms in Brussels for inter-company training sessions.

Need help finding the Lightroom method and courses suited to your goals? Contact us! After a free study of your needs, we offer you the Lightroom training made for you.


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