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Adobe Animate is a software that allows you to create vector animations and multimedia content. These achievements can then be published in all major animated content formats for websites and applications. In addition, Animate is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite which makes it easily accessible, without installation, from a web browser.

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Animate your website with Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the evolution of FutureSplash Animator, an application launched in 1996 by FutureWave Software. The software’s animation features and the ability to create vector animation platforms for the web quickly made it very popular among:

  • site creators,
  • web designers,
  • and many other graphic design and communication professionals.

Adobe Systems then bought the software in 2005, and renamed it Adobe Flash Professional. The firm then enriched the software with many other animation options, including the possibility of creating HTML 5 content or videos. The program thus became a complete multimedia creation and animation tool and was naturally renamed Adobe Animate.

Adobe has also made the software easier to access by adding it to its Creative Cloud (CC) suite. Today Adobe Animate CC can therefore be used in SaaS mode (software as a service), on several operating systems, including mobile. It is also accessible on the move or telecommuting from home.

Adobe Animate is now used primarily to create vector graphics and multimedia animation for:

  • videos online or on television;
  • web (and mobile) sites and applications;
  • video games ;
  • rich internet applications (ria).


Adobe Lightroom training: create engaging animations

Quality Training training allows you to master Adobe Animate and quickly exploit all the possibilities offered by this popular software.

Indeed, Adobe Animate is commonly used by large groups, SMEs as well as organizations in the tertiary sector. If it is first recommended for creative and artistic professions, its many options and its versatility make it a practical tool for all activities.

Training in Adobe Animate is therefore an asset both for:

  • professionals in graphic design and web design,
  • model makers,
  • all companies and organizations wishing to produce animations in order to design, for example, communication campaigns or hard-hitting and dynamic websites.

In addition, Adobe Animate CC training allows you to understand how to use CreativeSync to save hours of work by automatically synchronizing all your modifications between your different equipment, places of activity or even with the workstations of your collaborators. You will also know how to integrate cloud libraries and Adobe Stock to share your assets and achievements and have millions of photos, images, vector illustrations and videos, which you can license directly from Animate. CC.

Fundamentals of Adobe Animate

Through Animate, Adobe’s goal is to bring animation “into a new era”. For this, its creators have equipped Adobe Animate with many powerful features.

Vector brushes

Adobe Animate offers brushes and vector brushes that allow, thanks to a pen or stylus, to benefit from pressure and inclination options on the lines and strokes of a drawing.

With Adobe Animate training, you’ll master basic settings like size, smoothness, and color, as well as pressure and speed settings. You will know how to compose 2D vector graphics and patterns. Finally, with frame-by-frame animation, you can make characters talk and walk or create interactive web banners.

The segment tool

The segment tool makes it possible to take advantage of inverse kinematics (IK), i.e. the possibility of animating objects using segments linked together within linear or tree-like skeletons. This tool promotes the creation of animations (mainly displacements), much more realistic, because when you move a segment, the others animate accordingly.

The Quality Training trainers will also give you several tips related to this tool such as the management of elasticity and dynamic physics to make the movement even more realistic.

Creating HTML5 Canvas documents

Adobe Animate CC lets you create rich, interactive HTML5 content featuring animations, illustrations, graphics, and more. A new document type (HTML5 Canvas) has been integrated into Animate CC to provide native support for these content types.

With Adobe Animate courses, you will know how to use the interface to produce rich interactive content thanks to the CreateJS libraries. Your projects will then be executable on all devices or browsers compatible with HTML5. If you need to, our experts will also show you how to edit, add, or remove JavaScript directly in Animate.

Take Adobe Training with Quality Training

Quality Training is made up of 40 expert trainers in IT, professional social networks and a wide range of office suites and software.

By choosing Adobe Animate training from Quality Training, you will be able to customize the training so that it meets your expectations and those of your employees.

  • If you want to create professional and dynamic websites for you and your clients, you can combine Adobe Animate CC training with courses on Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • If you are a photographer or graphic designer, you can also follow our courses on Photoshop or Indesign.

Our lessons are of course not limited to the Adobe suite, and if you would like help in defining the course that suits you, you can contact our teams for a free study of your needs.

Because it’s not always easy to find time to improve your skills, Quality Training’s teaching methods are as customizable as the course content!

You will be able to choose to follow an Adobe Animate training in our classrooms throughout Belgium or in your own premises. Finally, to allow you to master Adobe Animate at your own pace, we also offer an online training path in the form of interactive webinars and virtual classes.

Do not hesitate to contact us to select the format and course that suits you best!


Useful information

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