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Our How to Maintain Team Culture through Teams training

Today, building a team culture is even more important. Our employees live in uncertainty.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and we must address this sudden change as leaders. The issues of lacking team culture are the same as those we could encounter before the crisis.

Distance and isolation have intensified them in intensity.

The questions we need to answer today are:

  • How will my company survive?
  • How will I maintain my team culture?
  • How will I adapt to this new environment that balances work and personal life?

In-Person / Remote?






Target Audience

This training is intended for anyone wishing to maintain team culture and cohesion remotely.


This training will provide you with the keys that will help you keep your team united and motivated despite the distance.

Detailed Program

  • Using Teams
  • Digital communication
  • Keeping your team’s mission and vision alive remotely
  • Micro-management vs delegation
  • Psychological safety from a distance
  • Gamification and digital team building
  • Practical exercises:
    • Role-playing and simulations


2 X 3 hours

Do you want to train your teams ?

Our training courses are available in Belgium: in Brussels, Wallonia or Flanders, and also in France.
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