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Our collective intelligence and nonviolent communication trainings

Emotions are often perceived as signs of weakness. The reason for this is that they frequently manifest in inappropriate ways or tend to escape our control.

The current situation we are experiencing exacerbates this even further.

Worries, irritations, uncertainty, sadness, …

However, if you learn to understand your emotions (or those of your colleagues), they will serve as your guide.

In reality, they will prove to be true allies in propelling you into action and adapting to your “new” environment.


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Target Audience

This training is intended for anyone wishing to harness their emotions and turn them into a strength.


This training will provide you with the keys to developing your emotional intelligence:

  • Better understand your needs and respond to them
  • Have better self-control
  • Manage current stress more easily
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships

Detailed Program

  • Recognize emotions (yours and others!)
  • Understand the purpose of your emotions and identify the needs they express
  • Use your emotions to transform them into positive actions
  • Best practices for regulating your emotions


3 hours

Do you want to train your teams ?

Our training courses are available in Belgium: in Brussels, Wallonia or Flanders, and also in France.
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