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How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

Comment créer une page facebook

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Once on facebook.com/business, go to the menu at the top right and click on “create a page.”

On the next page, you’ll have two options. The first one is “Business or Brand.” This is for creating a professional page for your business or brand. If, however, the business is a representation of your personal identity, there’s the second option, “Local Business or Public Figure.” This pertains to individuals.

Next, if you’ve chosen the “Business or Brand” option, you’ll be directed to the next page. This page will ask you to be more specific about the nature of your business or brand. It will also require the name and category it belongs to.


Add Visuals

Choosing the profile picture is crucial. It’s the showcase of your page and can be influential for some.

The profile picture is typically the business logo. It aligns perfectly with the brand image and makes the business easily recognizable to its customers.

If you’ve opted for the “Local Business or Public Figure” option, you can add a photo of your face.

However, if your flagship product is more famous than your business, it’s advisable to use it as the profile picture.

The cover photo, on the other hand, should convey the essence of your business if it’s a business page. If you’re a public figure, it should represent your ideals or persona.

Don’t forget to adhere to Facebook’s recommended image dimensions for the best display.


Add More Detailed Information

Creating a professional Facebook page requires some effort. Once the first two steps are completed, click on “Edit Information.”

In this tab, you’ll find several fields to fill in. These will provide more details about your business to your audience.

For instance, there’s “Create a Username.” This option helps your audience find you more easily on Facebook. You should choose your business name or a variation that’s obvious. However, this username can’t exceed 50 characters.

There’s also the option to “Add a Short Description.” This 155-character space allows you to briefly describe your business or share your aspirations and values.

Likewise, you’ll find the section “Add Contact Information.” Here, you can include your business’s complete address, for example.

Other fields allow you to add your business hours, price range, etc.


Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

Creating a professional Facebook page with a Call-To-Action is key for conversions. Leading your audience to take action in a subtle manner while on your page is ideal.

To do this, click on “Add a Button.” Then, choose from the list of available options. Select the one that suits you best based on your objectives.

For instance, if you operate by appointments, consider the “Book Now” option. If you’re focused on sign-ups, the “Sign Up” option is a good choice.


Create a Post

Once you’ve finished setting up your professional Facebook page, it’s time to populate it with content.

Publish relevant and high-value content for your target audience. This will encourage them to spend more time on your page, making them more likely to take action.

You can add photos, videos, lists, polls, or even write an article. With this content, you’ll be able to engage with your audience effectively.


Add a Pinned Post

If you have specific information you want to highlight, this is the solution.

It will appear above all your other content, making it highly visible.

This feature is often used to showcase a promotion, a highly performing post, or important information.

To create a pinned post, first write a regular post. Then, click on the three dots at the top right and select “Pin to Top of Page.”

Your post will now appear at the top with a blue pin icon in the top-right corner.