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Federal Learning Account (FLA): A practical Guide

federal learning account (fla) guide pratique

April 1, 2024, will mark a turning point in the management of professional training in Belgium with the launch of the Federal Learning Account (FLA). For HR managers, this system represents a unique opportunity to invigorate ongoing training within companies. Prepare for this transformation with our comprehensive guide.


What You need to know about the FLA

What is the FLA? A digital account that centralizes each employee’s training days, promoting transparent and efficient management.

Right to training: Each full-time employee is entitled to two annual training days, which can be accumulated over five years.


Employers’ responsibilities

Mandatory registration: All training must be recorded in the FLA by December 1, 2024.

Accurate tracking: The days of training acquired and used must be meticulously tracked and reported.


Key benefits of the FLA

For businesses: Administrative simplification, better visibility on internal skills.

For employees: Easier access to training, guarantee of continuous professional development.


Action plan for HR Managers

Audit of current practices: Evaluate your training procedures to identify necessary adjustments.

Training teams: Ensure that all key players understand the operation and benefits of the FLA.

Technical implementation: Integrate technological solutions for smooth management of the FLA.


Challenges to anticipate

Resistance to change: Adapt your communication to encourage adoption of this new system.

Technological adaptation: Select appropriate tools to effectively support the transition.


Learn from the Best

Case studies: Discover how other international companies have successfully implemented similar systems.

Best practices: Learn from experts who have already navigated these waters.



The Federal Learning Account represents a significant advancement in the management of professional training in Belgium. By anticipating and actively preparing for these changes, HR managers can not only comply with new regulations but also gain a strategic advantage for their organization.