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Keynote was the first application in Apple’s office tool suite. It works equally well on Macs and iPads and is a highly intuitive way of creating presentations and easily incorporating multimedia elements such as images, videos, sound and animated tables and graphics.

Learn to create engaging presentations using Keynote!

Course details

In person or online ?

Either in person or online




Basic knowledge of Macs

Target audience

Anyone who needs to create presentations


By the end of this super-practical training course, you’ll be able to :

  • Create and update a professional-quality presentation
  • Update a presentation created by someone else on Mac or iPad.
  • Learn useful tips for a successful slideshow.

Detailed programme

  • Introduction
    • What is presentation software?
    • When should Keynote be used?
    • Rules for a successful presentation
  • Exploring the interface
    • The toolbar
    • Different presentation modes
    • Full-screen mode
    • The different inspectors
    • Multimedia navigator
  • My first presentation
    • Themes and templates
    • Inserting and hiding slides
    • Different ways of displaying slides
    • Numbering slides
    • Presenter notes
  • Adding objects
    • Adding and formatting text
    • Adding and updating images
    • Adding and updating shapes
    • Adding video and audio
    • Updating, aligning and rotating objects
  • Tables and charts
    • Adding tables
    • Adding formulas and functions
    • Adding charts
  • Animations and transitions
    • Choosing an effective transition
    • Animating objects on your slides
  • Advanced topics
    • Themes and templates
    • Creating your own templates
    • Creating a theme based on your brand’s visual identity
  • Projecting your presentation
    • Equipment required for a good presentation
    • Preparing your machine for presenting a slideshow
    • Presenter display and useful shortcuts
    • Using a remote control
    • The golden rules of a good presentation
  • Managing your presentations
    • Saving your presentation in another format
    • Exporting your presentation
    • Printing your presentation successfully
    • Using elements from another presentation
  • iPad and Keynote
    • Using Keynote on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone)
    • Transferring your presentation to iPad
    • Presenting using an iPad
    • Using your iPhone as a remote control
  • Tips and tricks
  • Putting it into practice


1 day

Keynote Apple Mac

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