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The webinar for your meetings, training sessions, and conferences: simple, efficient, interactive, and cost-effective!

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There’s a lot of talk about the evolution of digital in companies, and webinars are part of it! The webinar, or “webinar,” is a term derived from the combination of the words “web” and “seminar.”


Some advantages

  • Time and money savings: indeed, participants and organizers, wherever they are in Belgium or around the world, can participate in the meeting without travel.
  • Simplification of logistics: the number of people is not limited by the size of the room, no projector to set up, no checklist, etc.
  • Webinar platforms are intuitive and very comprehensive: online registrations, statistics, session recording for potential absentees, effective tracking, etc.
  • Significant and appreciated interactivity for all. The chat area allows the speaker to simultaneously answer participants’ questions, engage with them, and create a connection. They are thus involved, and the webinar fosters interactive collaboration among different stakeholders.


Some points to consider for the success of your webinar

  • Test the platform and ensure you have a sufficiently strong internet connection, as well as a headset and a microphone.
  • Prepare and enhance the structure of your webinar and your homepage, and be present at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  • Vary the media that will allow you to animate the session (videos, live content, clean and attractive slides, etc.).
  • Announce in advance that there will be a “collaborative” time, open to all.
  • Pose questions to participants, involve them in the webinar.
  • Allocate time for questions/answers.
  • Thank those who ask questions; it holds great value!
  • Record your webinar; the online video will be useful if some participants arrive late or need to leave the meeting early.

Some comments from participants who have attended our webinars

  • “In the past 2 months, I’ve attended 5 Webinar training sessions, and honestly, I find it well-designed.”
  • “Very practical, all we need to do is reserve our time, no travel, quick return to professional life, immediate use on our own files.”
  • “Great idea to be able to review the webinar later, as I got distracted and had to leave the webinar for a few minutes, so I’d be delighted to be able to catch up on that afterward. Thank you!”
  • “Very interactive, a good mix of theoretical training (based on clear visuals) and practical exercises!”
  • “I’m delighted because, despite being a daily Outlook user, the trainer taught me a series of very practical tips & tricks, thank you thank you!”
  • “Always super easy, no travel. The training is always perfectly on time. It’s really a very enjoyable format.”
  • “This form of training is very interesting. It’s fast and can be easily followed, even during busy work periods. I think more sessions should be organized.”
  • “The exercises periodically allowed us to practice and, above all, to stay attentive.”
  • “A clever mix of theory, practice, and interactions with participants, bravo!”
  • “More, more!!”


Don’t hesitate, take the plunge, and discover the joy of conducting such effective, simple, targeted, and friendly meetings! We’ll be delighted to assist you if you’re interested!