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Using LinkedIn to reach your prospects

Utiliser LinkedIn pour toucher vos prospects

LinkedIn is known as THE ultimate professional platform. Therefore, it’s interesting for any brand to have a presence there, especially for businesses that operate in B2B (business-to-business) environments. In this article, we will provide you with a short list of best practices to effectively use LinkedIn.


Polish Your Profile

Your profile is your showcase. It should reflect not only your professionalism but also your brand identity. Hence, your profile must be complete and highly detailed. Don’t leave any section of your profile blank.

It’s also advisable to include links leading to your website. Likewise, incorporate keywords strategically in your profile, such as in the description of your activities, missions, etc. All of this will significantly enhance your visibility.

Publish high-quality and value-added content. Well-developed content will position you as an expert in your field and showcase your value.

Furthermore, to utilize LinkedIn effectively, consider customizing your URL. You can simply use your brand’s name.


Refine and Engage with Your Targets

Through LinkedIn’s advanced search tool, you have the opportunity to refine your segmentation more precisely. You can conduct any socio-demographic searches you desire on your targets.

Once you’ve identified your targets, you can follow their updates and get to know them better.

Similarly, you can join their discussion groups to gain more insights about them.

LinkedIn notifies you when a user visits your profile. You can check if they could be a potential client. If they match your usual target audience, you can follow up with offers or start interacting with them via messages.

All of this will help you build lasting relationships.


Leverage LinkedIn Services

Using LinkedIn effectively involves making the most of the various services it offers.

You have many services that will help you reach your prospects.

For instance, there’s InMail, which allows you to directly contact people you want to reach.

There’s also Pulse, which lets you gather content that aligns perfectly with your interests and those of your audience. It’s a tool that will save you time in your prospecting efforts.

Similarly, with its advertising service, LinkedIn Ads enables you to greatly enhance your targeting.

Lastly, remember to use the “Analytics” tab on your page. This will enable you to track the performance of your content while obtaining information about those who interacted with it.


Create Showcase Pages

These are pages affiliated with your professional page, where you can promote products that might interest your targets.

You can also share your blog articles on your page with a link leading to your website. This way, anyone interested will go directly to your website and get to know you and your offerings better. This represents a significant step towards you.