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The Flowers of the Email

fleurs du mail

Take control of your emails instead of being controlled by them!

To regain control over our lives, to be less overwhelmed by the dictates of emails that proliferate in our inboxes like weeds, there are solutions. Before you throw your computer out the window, book a room in the mental health ward due to burnout, or drown yourself in artificial paradises, take the time to choose the training that will do you good.

“It is not necessary to live. It is necessary to navigate,” said Pompey. And that might be the problem: nowadays, we don’t live enough and we navigate too much. Way too much. Not a day goes by irreversibly marked by the despotic and urgent flow of emails that persistently drip (low tide, high tide) into our inbox, leaving us with sweaty hands and a complex shiver where serenity no longer has its place. This realization, when grasped, can lead to a mild case of seasickness. Or even worse.


-Are you almost done, Sophie?

-I’m coming, Quentin. Just 1359 emails to check.

-You can do that at the restaurant.

-And when will I eat?

-Did you really think you’d be eating?

And so, tossed between our emails and Instagram, we’re at great risk of ending up washed up, thin as a matchstick, and as quick to ignite. Dangerous for everyone. Yes, because, before, we used to eat food. Now, we settle for photographing it (when we have the time), all the while getting blisters on our fingers from our smartphones. Like a melancholic janitor, endlessly, we swipe our screens: delete, delete again, archive, flag, delete, reply, delete… oh no, I shouldn’t have erased that one, how do I recover it?!

In short, let’s not beat around the bush anymore (especially since we’re already dealing with seasickness, as mentioned above). All of this is quite alarming: time wastage, performance loss, attention hijacking, stress, discomfort… A situation that could induce icy sweats.

However, there are tools, tricks, and means to no longer bow under this dictatorship. “Outlook,” for example, cleverly allows you to categorize, organize, and create folders that you can consult at your leisure, when the moment is right. Opening an email (when you want to), rather than enduring it: that’s what we need to strive for today. Knowing keyboard shortcuts that will save us precious time in responding to our emails.

No longer being crushed by emails of which we are only CC recipients. Effective training exists to learn how to do all of this.

Followed. With a one-year “after-sales” service, a help desk available around the clock, monthly tutorial videos. Isn’t it time to seriously consider it?

Because, make no mistake: emails are like children. They will always be… terrible.