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Asana VS Trello

Asana VS Trello 1

These two software platforms are stars for businesses that work collaboratively and agilely on a daily basis. However, they are often compared due to their effectiveness in managing both personal and collaborative projects. Here, we will provide you with a comparison between these two giants and help you choose the tool that suits you best.



Advantages of Asana

Asana is the perfect software for organizations with multiple teams simultaneously working on various complex projects. It allows for a comprehensive control of projects and an overview of each stage of your projects. There is a good balance between flexibility and structure within the software. Similarly, it is quite comprehensive in terms of features. You will have everything you need thanks to its efficient and extensive integrations. In terms of pricing, you have access to a free version, and to upgrade to the premium version, you will need to pay €9.25. For the enterprise version, you will need to contact the Asana team.

Disadvantage of Asana

If you are a small organization, Asana might seem a bit heavy or even sophisticated. It doesn’t offer an easy learning curve.



Advantages of Trello

The main strength of this software is its simplicity. This also means quicker onboarding and getting your teams to work. In the Asana vs Trello comparison, the latter benefits from being versatile. It can be used for both professional and personal needs. In fact, you can use it for project management as well as for managing your family vacations in no time. Since Trello is quite minimalist, those with higher demands can implement Power-ups as per their convenience. Trello offers a free version. Then, to access more features, the premium version costs €8.72, and the enterprise version costs €18.19.

Disadvantages of Trello

Its strength can also be its weakness. Trello is too simplistic to handle more complex projects.


Differences in terms of features

Feature Asana Trello
Team organization
Discussions, comments, interactions
Attachments / file sharing
Project organization
Project templates
Project progression and tracking
Task management
Task dependencies
Filtering and sorting tasks
Task status or progress
Due dates


In an Asana vs Trello comparison in this aspect, Asana clearly takes the lead.


Differences in terms of visualization

Visualization  Asana  Trello
Task lists
Kanban (board)
Gantt chart ✔ (timeline) optional
Calendar optional


In a visual comparison between Asana and Trello, Trello achieves a certain level of parity thanks to its Power-ups.


Differences in terms of extensions and others

Extensions and others

 Asana  Trello
Web Application (SaaS mode)
Android / IOS Application
Number of native integrations 101 187
Export (spreadsheet, CSV, JSON)
Background customization
Available in French


In terms of extensions and other features, Trello has a slight edge over Asana.


Our advice

Are you expecting to see a winner emerge from this Asana vs Trello comparison?

Not really…

We advise you to choose the software that will become your ally in project management, not only based on your needs but also considering the size of your organization and the complexity of your projects. Whether it’s Asana or Trello, each of these software options has its positives and negatives that can be interpreted in entirely different ways based on how you plan to use them.