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Microsoft Project

MS Project basic

Discover how to manage your projects using MS Project!

In person or Online?

In person or online

Level category



Basic knowledge of project management

Target audience

Anyone who needs to manage projects


By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Configure MS Project based on your objectives
  • Plan and manage the tasks involved in a project
  • Manage resources
  • Create reports
  • Track your projects

Detailed programme

  • When to use MS Project
    •     Project management concepts
    •     Project plan
    •     Project process
    •     Sequencing methods
    •     PERT
    •     GANTT
    •     Other methods
  • Configuring and getting started with MS Project
    •     Options
    •     Basic calendars
    •     Basic project information
  • Task planning
    •     Task types
    •     Milestones
    •     Summary tasks
    •     Entering tasks
    •     Entering relationships
    •     Costing tasks
  • Displaying tasks in MS Project
    •     Tables
    •     Filters
    •     Reports
  • Resources
    •     Entering and costing resources
    •     Resource allocation rules
  • Displaying resources in MS Project
    •     Tables
    •     Filters
    •     Reports
  •  Managing resource issues
    •     Detecting overallocation
    •     Resource levelling
    •     Levelling Gantt view
    •     Manually resolving issues
  • Displaying and printing, Reporting
    •     Gantt, network diagram
    •     Displaying, customising, updating
    •     Print management
    •     Displaying critical path
    •     Displaying margins
  • Project tracking
    •     Entering progress by duration and by work
    •     Work tracking
    •     Deadline tracking
    •     Cost and margin tracking
  • Advanced options
  • Tips and tricks



2 days

Microsoft Project

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