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Train the trainer


Manager donnant des conseils à un employé

Train the Trainer Course Objectives

  • Increase the trainer’s professional skills by teaching them engagement techniques and behaviours to ensure that they are effective in all situations
  • Help them to apply adult education best practice
  • Teach them how to build a course and describe the different modules effectively
  • Teach communication techniques to help them convey their message in an effective and memorable way while also retaining the group’s attention


  • Welcome talk and participant introductions, including their training expectations
  • How to build an effective course
  • Training your students in an appealing and engaging way
    • The main communication methods for effectively putting across your message
    • How to encourage listening and participation
    • How to ensure your messages are understood correctly
    • Techniques to encourage memorisation
    • Verbal and non-verbal language
    • Active listening
    • Tips for retaining the group’s attention
  • Adapting yourself to participants’ learning styles:
    • Understanding different adult learning styles
    • Deciding which interaction types and channels to use
    • Putting various facilitation and engagement techniques into practice.
    • Optimising the training environment.
  • The key to managing a training group
    • Different engagement styles
    • How to adapt to different types of participants
      • Different profiles
      • How to identify them
      • How to manage them
    • Managing “difficult” situations and participants when training
    • Dealing with the unknown and making decisions
  • Overview of best practice and common errors
  • Summarising your learning points and preparing your personal action plan

Train the Trainer course

Becoming a good trainer doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to be able to support people who are keen to learn new skills, there are things you also need to learn. It’s all about education, effectively sharing knowledge, techniques and approaches using appropriate, targeted communication methods. Here at Quality Training, we offer a train the trainer course to help you do this.

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Why do a train the trainer course?

Becoming a business trainer requires skills and knowledge in a number of areas that you can apply to your (new) role. It’s this expertise that you’re going to use to share your knowledge with others. Being a trainer doesn’t necessarily mean having a nationally recognised diploma. However, you often need some training to acquire the necessary educational techniques. This training will help you to:

  • build your training courses
  • interact effectively with your audience
  • offer the best practical exercises to enhance your teaching and communicate your message more effectively

Train the trainer courses exist to teach you how to be a trainer and also help you in your own personal development. It will give you everything you need to perform as consistently and as well as you possibly can. There are a number of different types of trainers.

  • An occasional trainer, running sessions from time to time
  • freelance trainer, who has chosen to provide training services on a self-employed basis
  • training contractor, who can provide different services from a single organisation

Whatever your status or ambitions, you can choose a tailor-made course to enhance your skills and build your knowledge so you can become a brilliant trainer. Here at Quality Training, we have many years of experience to help you run on-premises or remote training sessions. Our e-learning and blended learning train the trainer courses will help you to develop your skills in this area.

Learn to share your knowledge

As a training provider, a course will give you the tools you need to help you effectively share your knowledge with your colleagues or staff. It’s all about finding the best methods to educate and interact with your audience so that they can learn, and practise what they learn, in a truly interactive way.

You need to get straight to the core of the subject without going off on a tangent. You also need to ensure there is a real sense of structure in your course, while remaining attentive to the questions your participants ask you during the training.

Train the trainer courses will teach you all of these fundamentals so that you can become as effective as possible in your role as a training provider. A really effective way of sharing your knowledge succinctly is to use infographics and videos, as these encourage debate and can be highly interactive in a group setting.

Train the trainer courses can help you acquire additional skills and enrich your service portfolio.

Quality Training Train the Trainer Programme

Quality Training has been providing expert training in business tools since 2008, supporting your day-to-day work and enabling you to become more autonomous and discover new tools that are highly relevant to your role. Our train the trainer business training has slightly different aims.

  • increase your impact with new techniques for better engagement and performance
  • improve the quality of your teaching
  • you’ll also learn to describe your different course modules effectively and ensure that all of your messages are understood and successfully communicated

Our train the trainer programme is split into several sections.

  • Firstly, you’ll learn to define your participants’ expectations and requirements so that you can address their problems and use these to build a fully comprehensive course.
  • Next, you’ll learn to teach in an appealing and engaging way, using listening skills, retaining the group’s attention and ensuring that the messages you’re conveying are being properly understood.
  • You’ll need to learn to adapt to the participants and their learning styles. You’ll also learn to choose the right type of interaction to create an optimal training environment via different engagement styles.
  • The final part of this course will provide an overview of best practice you should adopt and the errors you’ll want to avoid making as a professional trainer.

If you want to receive the best training to help you become a high-quality training provider, put your trust in Quality Training and choose our train the trainer programme!

Useful information

Put your trust in Quality Training and give your employees a solid grounding in tools to increase their skills and productivity. If you’d like more information about our different business training courses, please get in touch.


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quality training formations en30

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