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Press Release: AI serving well-being and performance in business

cp l’intelligence artificielle au service du bien être et de la performance en entreprise3

The training company Quality Training positions itself on the issue 

Brussels, October 12, 2023 – Committed to assisting small, medium, and large enterprises in addressing the future challenges of human resources, Quality Training organized a free conference today on the incredible potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform how businesses use and interact with computer tools. “We observe that Artificial Intelligence is reshaping skills, productivity, and well-being in the workplace. Yet, tools already exist and can be easily utilized. Today, we wanted to guide our clients through this change and provide them with the keys to approach this technological turning point with confidence,” explains Marie Vandenberghe, founder of Quality Training.


Artificial Intelligence in the workplace raises many questions

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, human resources managers have many questions about its use in the business: how to implement it, what are the major changes ahead, what will be its impact or added value on the well-being and performance of employees? These are questions that emerged from the survey conducted by Quality Training with its clients earlier this year.

On the employees’ side, the arrival of AI also raises concerns. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index report reveals that 49% of employees are worried about the possibility that Artificial Intelligence could replace them in their roles, and 70% of them are willing to delegate tasks to Artificial Intelligence to save time*.


Artificial Intelligence in the service of productivity and well-being in the workplace
The increasing number of emails, digital data to process, and meetings impose a rhythm and leave little room for creativity and daily execution. This is also a parameter measured in Microsoft’s Work Trend Index: 68% of those surveyed say they do not have enough uninterrupted concentration time during the workday*.

“When we cross-reference these figures with the on-the-ground concerns of our clients, it is unthinkable not to propose something in terms of practical use of already available tools. Moreover, the use of these lesser-known tools has been part of our training offering for several months,” confides Marie Vandenberghe.

So, during today’s conference, the Quality Training team, accompanied by Microsoft, presented, through demonstrations, some accessible tools such as the features of the MS Office suite, Canva, or even ChatGPT that allow delegating certain tasks to Artificial Intelligence and saving time.

A theme dear to Marie Vandenberghe and her team is well-being at work. “According to the World Health Organization, the leading cause of mortality in 2030 will be depression. Today, we are aware of our clients’ HR challenge around silent resignation, long-term absenteeism, and retention of new talents. Here too, tools exist, and they are still underutilized,” worries Marie Vandenberghe. This includes Viva Insights, also presented today. This AI-based application collects data from our daily activities in Microsoft 365. It then suggests improvement paths through several categories: task management, concentration time, break time to improve psychological and professional well-being.


And tomorrow?

The many companies such as Ores, Sibelga, ING, Europe Assistance, SPF Finance, BPost, the Red Cross, STIB **, … registered for the conference also had a sneak peek at Copilot, the AI tool present in the MS Office suite soon to be available in Belgium.

“Quality Training is aware of the fears and challenges related to Artificial Intelligence. We didn’t wait for it to become a hot topic to integrate it into our training. Today we are proud to be among the first to offer our clients exclusive training on Artificial Intelligence,” concludes Marie Vandenberghe, founder of Quality Training.

*Source: Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index WTI_Will_AI_Fix_Work

**Complete list available on request

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cp l’intelligence artificielle au service du bien être et de la performance en entreprise7
cp l’intelligence artificielle au service du bien être et de la performance en entreprise10

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