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OneNote: 8 Tips for Better Organization


Présentation de l'outil OneNote


Microsoft’s note-taking software has become one of our best allies against forgetfulness and note loss. However, as with any software, using OneNote optimally is a skill that can be learned. We present you with 8 tips that will help you better organize yourself when you’re in the OneNote interface.


Mix all kinds of digital information

You can store any type of information in OneNote regardless of its format. In fact, there might be times when you can’t take notes. OneNote allows you to record audio or video in such situations. You can also insert handwritten notes, typed text, photos, or even Excel tables.


Quick note creation

If you’re in a rush and still want to write instead of using the voice function, there’s a trick to speed things up. OneNote provides you with the ‘Quick Notes’ functionality. To access it, go to the ‘Notebook’ tab or use the shortcut ‘Ctrl N’.


Capture web content

OneNote offers you the ability to retrieve links to all the pages where you’ve taken screenshots. This makes it easier to compile a research folder.


Utilize the search engine

When you start using OneNote, it allows you to save content in various formats and insert it into your notebooks. It then makes it easier to find the desired notebook. Its search engine enables you to search for any element using a term present in it. Whether it’s an audio, video, or table, it will find it quickly for you.


Access your notes from any device

Sometimes you start taking notes on your desktop computer and need them later from another location. This situation can be a bit troublesome. But with OneNote, you no longer have to worry. It automatically saves all your notes to your OneDrive space. This allows you to retrieve them from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, when you’re offline, OneNote retains the latest version thanks to automatic synchronization for each notebook. This means you can access your notes even without an internet connection.


Share notes with someone else

You can also use OneNote collaboratively through OneDrive. To do this, go to the ‘File’ tab, then click on ‘Share,’ and finally select the ‘Get a Link’ option. You’ll be taken to a window that asks you what type of sharing link you want. You can choose between a view-only link and an edit link. If you select ‘View link,’ you allow your guests to only view the notebook. However, if you choose ‘Edit link,’ your guests can edit your notebook.


Convert handwritten text to typed text

Need to share one of your handwritten notes with someone else? Want it to be more legible? This feature is for you. OneNote provides you with a conversion tool that will turn your handwritten text into typed text in no time.


Add markers

You can use OneNote to prioritize each point in your notes using markers. The software offers nearly 29 different markers to help you with your organization. If you want to use them, go to the ‘Home’ tab. It’s located above on the right, near the ‘Styles’ point. All that’s left is to choose the marker you need.”