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Creating Animations in PowerPoint

Créer des animations sur Powerpoint

Making engaging presentations in PowerPoint can be quite challenging. We aim to convey our thoughts or concepts in the best possible way. However, without a good understanding of the animations available in Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s easy to feel a bit frustrated.

We offer you a brief overview of creating PowerPoint animations and its various nuances.


Adding animation to text, graphics, or objects

It’s possible to add animation to an object, text, or graphic. To do this, simply select what needs to be animated and click on the ‘Animations’ tab. You’ll be presented with a tab offering different options. It’s quite comprehensive, so it all depends on your preferences from now on.

You can choose a PowerPoint animation where an element appears on the slide. You can decide for the chosen element to appear suddenly, fold in like a blind, dissolve, or even move across the slide.

A multitude of choices is available. Click the right arrow to reveal other possibilities.

You can also highlight the chosen element. A PowerPoint animation allows you to increase the size or color of this element. You can also play with its rotation or add transparent elements around it.

Each PowerPoint animation is represented in your slides by a number. This indicates the sequence of each animation. If two animations are scheduled to play at the same time, they will be represented by a numbered stack.


Editing or removing animation

If you wish to make any modifications, you can select the relevant slide. Then, click on the number of the PowerPoint animation you want to modify.

In the ‘Animations’ tab, you have the option to rearrange or delete animations in the ‘Start from’ pane. You can modify an animation in the ‘Effect Options’ pane. You can also add a sound or effect, or simply modify the one that was previously there. Similarly, you can adjust its duration in the ‘Timing’ pane.