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Artificial Intelligence & Learning

Discover how Artificial Intelligence impacts Human Resources and Learning ! 

  • 10 practical workshops of 30 minutes
  • 5 Speakers
  • Languages : EN


Date : 2 to 13 October 2023
Where : Online

les limites de l'ia dans la communication de l'entreprise

About the Summit

In these super-practical 15-to-30 minute sessions, you’ll discover :
• How and why to use artificial intelligence on a daily basis in your trainings
• What can be expected from artificial intelligence in learning and the important changes it brings
• What about the protection of personal data and the sensitive information we share when using artificial intelligence tools
• Many artificial intelligence tools with which you will be able to work on a daily basis

You’ll come away from the summit with tangible, actionable information.


Integrate the power of artificial intelligence into your daily life

Attend our online conferences to make artificial intelligence your ally !

The Workshops

The Impact of AI on Employee Well-being

Marie Vandenberghe, Managing Director Quality Training

This webinar will introduce you to the impact of AI in terms of :

  • Time and workload management
  • Mental health support
  • Training and professional development
  • Internal communication and collaboration
  • Ergonomics and workspace environment
  • Human resource management
  • Workplace safety
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The Power of Microsoft AI Tools

Patrick Viaene, Modern Workplace Lead @Microsoft

This webinar will introduce you to 3 major topics around AI :

  • Work Trend Index
  • Viva
  • Copilot

AI & GDPR : a friendly relationship ?

Jacques Folon, GDPR Expert

This webinar will introduce you to :

  • The tension between AI and the GDPR
  • How to make AI compliant with the GDPR
  • The future of AI and data protection
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AI : Breaking the code

Abel Mekonen, Quality Training's trainer

This webinar will introduce you to :

  • AI is already in our life since several years..
  • What’s the differences between traditional & generative AI
  • How does AI works & learn
  • What are the major tools
  • What’s coming next 

Revolutionize Your Spreadsheets with AI in Excel

This webinar will introduce you to:

  • Streamlined data analysis
  • Recommended pivot tables and dynamic charts
  • Automatic cell filling
  • Creating tables from numbers in an image or PDF file
  • Predicting data trends
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The Power of Words: ChatGPT and the Transformation of Online Conversations

This webinar will introduce you to multiple tips that will enable you to effectively converse with ChatGPT and obtain the responses you want to receive.

Discover Microsoft Viva Insights

This webinar will introduce you to Viva.

Here is the promise of Viva : 

Continuously improve employee engagement and business performance with next-gen AI and insights. Microsoft Viva brings together the tools and apps your business needs for communication and feedback, analytics, goals and learning, all in one unified solution.

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Google’s Duet AI: Your All-in-One Meeting Assistant

This webinar will introduce you to the power of Google Duet AI, a brand new and powerful tool.

Discover the tools for visual designs

This webinar will introduce you to powerful tools for your design.

Discover different tools to help you making great designs ! 

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Discover AI learning tools

This webinar will introduce you to the power of AI in the conception of trainings

Integrate efficiently AI in your daily life !

Attend our online workshops and learn how to quickly juggle with artificial intelligence


About the Organizer

Created in 2008, Quality Training represents a team of 40 multilingual trainers and experts in the tools used in companies, whether office automation, IT, but also digitalization tools and web marketing!

Quality Training is certified QFor Gold, approved by the Walloon region and Alimento! Brussels – Capital also intervenes at the rate of 50% under certain conditions. We also collaborate with many sector funds.

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Marie Vandenberghe

Founder & Managing Director

Artificial Intelligence & Learning Summit 2023

Discover how Artificial Intelligence impacts Human Resources and Learning !