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Which method(s) to choose to ensure training is truly effective?

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What method(s) should be chosen for the training to be truly effective?

Companies are faced with various training imperatives (timing, mobility, budget, diverse learner expectations, etc.), and it’s crucial to opt for the appropriate training method(s) to ensure a real impact and, consequently, a return on investment.

Whether it’s training scheduled in the intercompany catalog or the creation of customized training (In Company), our concern is to propose the best method based on the target audience, the subject matter, and the training objectives.

Let’s be creative, attentive, agile, flexible, and innovative to achieve a guaranteed return on investment and the motivation of each employee on their training journey!


Key Elements

  1. Needs and expectations analysis of learners through a preparatory meeting with the project manager, as well as the implementation and consolidation of online forms sent to each learner. This step allows for a clear definition of expectations and participants’ level of experience, followed by the creation of homogeneous groups, an essential condition for the success of a session. It also engages each employee in their training.
  2. Then, the choice of the training method is crucial:


E-Learning allows learners to train at their own pace, wherever and whenever they wish, while also enabling self-assessment during and after their training journey. Their learning path is available at all times.


Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a combination of E-Learning and in-person training (trainer present in the room). This method allows participants to train flexibly and at their own pace while benefiting from a trainer’s guidance for any questions.



A webinar consists of a short, targeted, and hands-on training focused on a specific theme.

Participants connect to a virtual room and follow the session for an hour/an hour and a half.

It includes a balanced mix of theory, practice, and interactions with the trainer.

Advantages of webinars are numerous:

  • No travel required
  • Flexibility for participants in different cities/countries
  • Possibility to enroll 50 employees (or more) per session
  • Short, targeted, hands-on format
  • Webinar recording available for free the next day


Personalized Videos (or Micro Learning)

Personalized videos explain a subject clearly and visually in a short amount of time, which would take much longer to cover in an in-person setting, for example. One advantage of this method is the transferability of the training. A custom video can be made available to all employees wherever they are in Belgium or the world.


Flipped Classroom

This method engages participants before the training and allows for a focused session centered on the essentials. Participants receive documentation and/or videos to review before the session, ensuring their understanding of the topic and enabling the training to focus on practical application.

This method ensures optimal participant involvement and training time optimization.


And In-Person?

All these training methods are effective when combined with an in-person session. For example, it’s advised to supplement an in-person training with videos before or after the session to reinforce participants’ memory and provide additional tips related to the topic.

Other examples include planning a webinar to assess learners’ progress a few weeks after training or offering complementary E-Learning alongside in-person sessions.

The possibilities are numerous and tailored to each company’s learning objectives!


After the Training

Continuing to support learners is essential by offering support/helpdesk included in the session, enabling them to ask questions at any time and continue their learning.

The ultimate goal is to motivate your employees by involving them in their training from the project’s outset and offering effective, enjoyable, and personalized methods while accompanying them throughout. This winning combination also guarantees a return on investment!