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How to Cut Out Your Images in Photoshop

Comment détourer vos images sur Photoshop

All Photoshop newcomers will find themselves facing the step of image cutting-out.

This is one of the most crucial steps when trying to get a grip on the software.

We offer you a step-by-step guide so that you can learn how to cut out in Photoshop more quickly.


1st Step: Import an Image into Photoshop

It goes without saying that you need an image to cut out an image.

The first step in learning how to cut out in Photoshop is to go to the “File” tab. This tab is located at the top in the menu bar next to the “Ps” logo.

Next, a dropdown list will appear. Simply click on “Open.”

A window containing your documents will open. You just need to go to your images and make your selection.


2nd Step: Select the Object to Cut Out

Quick Selection Tool

The image you have chosen is now loaded in the main workspace.

You will now need to go to the toolbar and select the icon for the “Quick Selection Tool (w)” function.

This will give you access to a cursor that allows you to outline the element of your image that you want to cut out. To do this, you need to place the cursor on the element in question. Additionally, you need to click the left button of your mouse and hold it to successfully create the contours of the element you want to cut out.


3rd Step: Refine the Cutting Out

It often happens that the cutting-out is not very precise, especially at the edges.

You will need to make a more precise adjustment to your image. To do this, you will have to zoom in to better see all the subtleties of your element. This “zoom” function is located in the toolbar.

Once you’ve selected “zoom,” click on the part of the image element you want to enlarge.

When you’re finished, use the “alt” key to zoom out.


4th Step: Deselect Undesirable Areas

Deselection is an important step when it comes to cutting out in Photoshop.

You will now remove the selection from the undesirable areas. To do this, click on these areas while holding down the “alt” key.


5th Step: Background Removal

Once you are satisfied with your modifications, you will now need to remove the background. This isolates the element you have cut out.

Place the cursor of your mouse on the element in question. Then, right-click and choose “Layer via Copy.”

A settings window for the new layer will open to your right. Go down to “Background,” right-click, and choose the option “Delete Layer.”

The background will thus be removed, leaving behind small gray and white boxes.


6th Step: Move the Cut-Out Element

Congratulations! You have successfully cut out in Photoshop.

However, it’s not yet finished. Don’t forget to save the result of your modifications.

To do this, go back to the “File” tab and choose “Save As.”

If you want to implement it directly into another image, you will need to import a new image first. This function is available in the “File” tab. Once in this tab, you need to click on “Open.”

Then, you need to return to your first folder and retrieve the element you cut out in Photoshop. To do this, go to the toolbar and choose the “Move Tool (V).” You select the element and drag it into the other image.