Are you snowed under?

Here are some ideas for you to get a new time management!

A one-day training course designed both to improve your behaviour towards managing time and increase your efficiency at using Outlook!

During this practical, interactive day, you’ll get to analyse your behaviour towards time management and then to find out the aspects you are good at, as well as those in which you could improve yourself.

You will discover some ideas to help you manage priorities more effectively, identify time-consumers, cope with unexpected events and disruptions, be able to say no.

You will also learn how to use Outlook optimally.

Finally, we’ll look together into the resources that can be relied on to change one’s behaviour.

At the end of the workshop, forms will be handed to you, including practical information for everyday use.

Content of the training course:

• What is time management about?

– Test: to determine one’s behaviour towards time management
– To identify one’s strengths and weaknesses

•How to act effectively?

•Some tools:

– The Eisenhower matrix or how to manage priorities
– Identifying the tasks to be delegated
– The art of delegating: tips & tricks
– Identifying and managing one’s time-consumers
– Exercise: analysing one’s disruption curve
– Planning a “calm hour”
– Developing one’s assertivity: the art of saying no

Optimising the use of Outlook

– Adopting the good practices of messaging service: sending an email, phoning or meeting?
– Writing exact objects/subjects, writing clear and concise messages, limiting the number of copies, limiting the number of attachments, using the monitoring indicator, having one’s messages expired, asking for opinion by means of voting
– Optimising the use of Outlook’s advanced options, they will save you a precious time!
– Using templates for repetitive messages
– Managing one’s inbox
– The DB method – database
– The “Touch, Process, File” method
– Using search folders to gather messages quickly, no matter where the folders have been filed.
– Managing one’s tasks and priorities with the task folder: creating lists, documenting, assigning, doing follow-ups…
– Managing multiple (simple) projects with the task folder
– Choosing the right categories to gather one’s tasks per project, subject, client, task type…
– Visualising and managing one’s daily, weekly, monthly workload in the calendar folder
– How to set up rules that will allow Outlook to work in your stead in some cases?
– Discover all the tips and tricks (including the most useful keyboard shortcuts)

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    This training course will be scheduled very soon – as an inter-company one, but we would also be glad to set it up in a customised way, specifically for your company and at your own premises

    For more information, please contact us via our website, by email, or call us at +32 476 62 99 11 or +32 2 331 46 66

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    Intra-company training course

    This training course can be set up in a personalised way within your company (Intra-company), in your own premises, or else in one of our classrooms.

    You will be offered a free Helpdesk service, as well as an equally free access to our online videos (tips and novelties).

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    “There is an excellent balance between cost and quality”

    This training instructor is extremely competent and possesses a deep knowledge of the subject matter. She has a broad experience and knows to present information in a qualitative and understandable way. She uses fine techniques and the training material is of good quality. She approaches her students in a friendly, professional and efficient way. There is an excellent balance between cost and quality. This training instructor provided our company Microsoft Office training courses for several years and the feedback of the participants was extremely positive.

    Rebekka Declercq

    “Highly appreciated for her patience”

    Marie has come to give MS OFFICE trainings to Inter IKEA employees in Waterloo for a couple of years now following my recommendations and is highly appreciated for her patience, high level of knowledge of the tools, her talent of listening and for putting herself at the level of the participants to make sure no one is left aside. Her kind and outgoing personality is also a great part of the success of her training sessions.

    Frédéric Degand

    “The feedback are always excellent”

    I have been working with Marie for the past 6 years. Setting up training for our members and non members in our facilities! The feedback are always excellent! Marie is so professional, her tailor made advices are much appreciated!
    Just a pleasure to work with her and to join her sessions!

    Antoine Houssière

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