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True feedback is a gift, regardless of its content.

In certain situations, you help the person become aware of their qualities and strengths. You encourage them to persevere, thus allowing them to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

In other cases, feedback is necessary to address areas for improvement. You then assist the person in adjusting or modifying their behaviors, attitudes, and more.

Giving feedback is even more crucial today.

Collaborators are isolated, cut off from a portion of information, and exchanges are limited. They find themselves working alone. Reassuring them and providing regular feedback is important.

To ensure your feedback is truly received as a gift, you should carefully craft your delivery.


In-Person / Remote?







Target Audience

This training is intended for anyone who is required to provide feedback to their colleagues and collaborators.


By following this training, your feedback will become genuine catalysts for development and motivation for your collaborators and those around you.

Detailed Program

Putting into practice simple and effective techniques to be capable of, remotely:


3 hours